Nov 2nd’s today ^ ^ Sunday, Nov 2nd 08…

And as i predicted…. i couldn’t woke up in the morning…
Actually i woke up…but didn’t have enough power to stand up… and the headache was still there …aaaa 😦 and pluss… i felt so unwell…

i think now i’m officially caught a cold 😦

so i just slept again… and woke up around 11 hihi…to inform k tracie bout my condition, and i was not able to attend the church too 😦 …and after that…slept again…
Aa my nose 😦 …. it was stopped…couldn’t breath freely…stopped and running nose… haiya…*sroott srooot*Β 

I totally woke up at 12…when my friend came with Kimbab for brunch πŸ˜€ thnx Deb πŸ˜€
I got 2 kimbab, but only able to eat 1… then had milk and oranges… I just thought to find out Vit.C…but she came with the the source of vit.C hahaha…what a perfect time ^ ^Β 

Another friend asked me whether i want to go out for shopping in μ΄λŒ€…Geee… it’s a good place for shopping and good stuff are available πŸ˜€
But what can i say 😦 i still under the weather and i don’t wanna get worse 😦
So i said no…. hix hix…

Then took “inza” to kill this influenza.. Β and washed my clothes…

around 4PM
Inza took its part… i felt sleepy…and slept….tightly…. πŸ˜€
event the weather really support me to sleep well now πŸ™‚

around 6PM
woke up… cos i should take off my clothes from the washing machine…
then made a cream soup…
Then had dinner with kimbab and the soup… Nyummy…Β 

and then and there…Β 
replied email… and it’s time for blogging πŸ˜€

and now it’s 11.20PM…
time for take the inza again and sleep well πŸ™‚
and ready to welcome the worrying monday γ…‹γ…‹γ…‹γ…‹
(will there be a lab meeting?? dunno la)

Good night…and wish i could have a nice sleep ^ ^Β 

κ΅Ώλ‚˜μž‡~~~잘자고 μ’‹μš΄ κΏˆκΎΈμ„Έμš” 타타~~~


5 thoughts on “Nov 2nd

  1. Ada kombinasi flu n masuk angin ta?

    pernah coba kerokan?
    manjur lho… πŸ˜€

    *) orang Korea pernah tau ga tu ya kerokan?

    fyi, di sini juga cuacanya lagi pancaroba, banyak yg sakit flu.

  2. @ jambinese
    hehhee…iya tu kombinasi to. πŸ˜€
    aaa ga mo…serem liatnya hahaha
    mo buka praktek kerokan di sini ga? kali aja laku tu hihi

    @ ci viol
    iyaahh…*waa jadi inget kemaren lupa makan jeruknya de*

    @ c ceemot
    lahh..ternyta menular ampe sana yak πŸ˜€

    @ Equinox
    κ³ λ§ˆμ›Œμš© ^ ^ 이제 κ΄œμΉžμ•„μš” ^ ^

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