Worry to sleep..

Well, that’s what i’m feeling this week…

Dunno did i ever write about my sleep problem or not…but this week i experienced it again 😦 aruond 3 times, and it was so uncomfortable…

It was on last week after i went back from lab around 3…then discussed a bit with pan, i felt tire… and i knew that i had to wake up early for the church…
When i tried Β to sleep, i realized that i was too tire and lil bit hard to start to sleep 😦 cos of “that”

Then on Wed morning..when i spent all the night in the lab till morning and decided not to go back to dorm till the class *oits..but i already took a bath looo, before went to lab :P*
Before the class around 7, i was soo sleepy, so i slept a while, but i was worry what if someone came, and found me sleep in the chair γ…‹γ…‹γ…‹γ…‹…so i set the alarm for 15minutes sleep, since people usually come around 8..

When i woke up, tried to fix some Β logic in the code…but sleepy again 😦 
So i set the alarm again…then slept…but during the sleep, i was worry if someone come (again)… so i tried to wake up… but i couldn’t…*aaa this symptom again :(*

Then it was on Friday..(or saturday morning)..cos i slept 3am after preparing the party… i wrapped the gifts for the freshmen…as much as i could…but still not finished, since so many gifts had to be wrapped…so i just stopped it till 3…cos i have to wake up early for the class..

BUT…again…i couldn’t start the sleep easily 😦 
Cos (again) i know…i was soo tire, and i felt like i’ll feel that symptom again…and yeah..it’s correct, it came 😦 aaaa…so tiring :(…

Actually the main problem of it i think just because of too tired…but.. i couldn’t escape from it 😦 assignment??? Hyuh..gotta know how to manage the time well….

Ok..the symptom is like…I slept…but when i tried to wake up..i couldn’t 😦 
But i realized that i already awake…but i couldn’t move my hand, nor my foot…i couldn’t control my body 😦
So i tried hardly to move my body part, to wake up.. Kept wishing something could shock me, so i could totally wake up…whether it someone who call me, or my alarm…anything that could wake me up..

But there’s none.. 😦

It became worse when i felt breathless 😦 felt so hard to take a breath..but i couldn’t wake up neither…
this feeling that make me so worry to sleep…since for me sleep suppose to be a nice time…time to take a rest, but this tiring thing made the sleeping time became a bad time 😦 

So usually when i knew this symptom going to come, i set an alarm around 20minutes after i started a sleep πŸ˜€ so i could be shocked and awake totally, instead of “half awake”…

But when i couldn’t escape and already tired cos of trying to get awake… i just calm down my self… tried to back to sleep again..Β 
then start to believe that i’ll be able to totally wake up in the next 5 minutes…or let’s fight again after 5 minutes hihihihi

Some people said it’s “tindihan” (indonesian word γ…‹γ…‹γ…‹ since i don’t know the english word) but scientist said it’s because of the bad blood circulation…
May be since i was too tired, so the blood didn’t circulate well, when my brain asked my hand to move, there was no blood so it couldn’t be moved… *what a theory of meγ…‹γ…‹γ…‹*Β 

Fyuh..so any idea???Β 
what should i do to escape from this symptom?
while the assignment couldn’t be avoided 😦 

Now i know the meaning of “have a nice sleep” greeting ^ ^..
Wish i have a nice sleep tonite πŸ™‚ Β 

μ•„μ°¨ μ•„μ°¨ νŒŒμ΄νŒ…


5 thoughts on “Worry to sleep..

  1. i used to have such encounter when i studied for days, with little sleep in between, for my exam. i wasn’t a diligent student, so i have this habit of studying just a week or less before any major exam. needless to say, i was totally exhausted after every exam and that was when i started to have that sort of experience of not able to move despite my mind being wide awake.

    perhaps it is just our body trying to tell us: hey, i am very tired you know! can’t you just sleep a while longer so that i can recover fully from exhaustion. just to be on the safe side, i always tried very hard to bring myself out of my “sleep”. my “body” might be reluctant but I always had no problem waking it up after several attempts of telling my mind “wake up!”

    i am quite sure such sleeping condition won’t come back once your sleeping cycle returns to normal. it is interesting to know that when we are healthy and strong, our mind controls our body. But when we are tired and weak, our body controls our mind πŸ™‚

  2. @ ci pyt
    ho oh… oks…i’ll try that…
    (from the web) since no 1 2 are external factor and no 3 kinda impossible hahaha….i’ll try no 4…:D

    @ Equinox
    Yeah… my body starts to control…
    It’s my time to control my body…
    Gotta repair my sleep schedule! ^ ^

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