No need to be afraid…to help

Tues, Nov 4th

it’s been my routinity to go out every tuesday night to meet my friend.. 
Still the same subway station that i used to go, just different condition.. 

After took the stairs to reach the escalator, just right before took the escalator i saw one old blind man just went down the stairs too, but i didn’t know where he will i just went down with the escalator… 

in the escalator i kept on thinking…
should i help him, should i not
i really want to help him, but i can’t speak korean
so how could i help him?
what if he suddenly ask me something that i dont understand?
may he just want to cross the street by taking the underground stairs..
i really wish i could speak well
so i have enough courage to help others (korean) more..

Once i did it couple of weeks a go, on my way back to dorm, i was so tired.. and i had lot of think on my mind…so that day i missed the transfer point, so i should take the opposite subway direction to go back to dorm

But suddenly i saw an old woman carrying her stuffs and look quite heavy…and she wanted to go up by stairs… I couldn’t stand it, so I just said “제가 도와드릴까요” (let me help) without saying more i just lifted her stuffs till the end of the stairs..while she was walking beside me.. 

Her expression of gratitude really changed my day.. 
Though my problem didn’t go away…but it just cheer up my day.. thnx ajumma 🙂 

But in another day…in the subway station (again) i saw an old woman wanted to take the stairs with her (looks like) heavy stuffs…in that time i was in hurry (yeah it’s not an excuse anyway) so i stopped for a while…but the “bad” me, i chose to rush to meet my friend…
Only couple of minutes left, i felt so guilty..i should have help her…but it’s too late now…
what a bad me…why should i left her 😦 and that guilty feeling haunted me 😦

Those 2 events splashed on my mind while i was turning down in the escalator..and i still blaming my self for my poor ability in speaking…grrr..i wish i could speaking this language better…

But I really couldn’t stand it, right before i enter the subway gate..i looked back, and saw that old blind man tried to reach escalator to go down with his stick…but he was near the escalator to go up

Aaaa couldn’t stand anymore 😦 i ran up then helped him… 
Short conversation happened (correct me if i write it wrong :D)

Me : 어디로 가요? (where do u want to go?)
Old man(OM) : 지하철로 타려고요 (i want to take the subway)
Me : 제거 도와드릴까요 (let me help)

then he reached my hand and i helped him to go down with the escalator
and then we continue the simple conversation

OM : 외국사람이세요? (are you foreigner?)
Me : 네.. (yes)
OM : 미국사람이세요? (are you american?)
Me : 아니오, 인도네시아 사람이에요 (no, i’m indonesian)
OM : 언제 왔어요? (when did u come?)
Me : 올해 2월에 왔어요 (this year on feb)
OM : 한국말을 잘 하시네요 (your korean is good)
Me : *shy* 고맙습니다
(thank you) *smiling hihhi :D*

and his train came…so after he reached his train, i took my train in the other side… 
(Since he wanted to go to the opposite direction with me, so I jus helped him till he got into his train… )

Hihihi couldn’t stop smiling along the way… 

See ta!! wondering if u didn’t help him, till when the guilty feeling will haunted u again like that day… next time, no need to be afraid to help!
some of his words i still didn’t understand…but that’s not a reason for just stop helping him..I won’t leave him directly just because i don’t understand what he says, right??

Yes mam!! (i answer to my self)

And thnx God for giving me this chance again…and thnx for that man to cheer up my day and give me a chance to know no need to be afraid 🙂 
And next time, no need to think that long laa…:D

Somehow, this kinda thing supports me to learn the language more…I just felt that I already received so many kindness from them… I should be able to help them..don’t just receive, but i should give too…I should be able to give more… 

타타 파이팅 ^ ^

Have a good day 🙂 and God bless 🙂


5 thoughts on “No need to be afraid…to help

  1. wow! the old man is using 높임말 (honorific) with you @@
    i like it when old and young respects one another 😀
    타타께, 잘 하셨어요! ^^

  2. Yup nice job, gal..
    Sincere heart helping others and make them happy, is one way to make ourselves happy. Language is just media, but somehow, I think you’re speaking well Korean, and the man also respect you in the honorific way.. ;;)
    Let’s spread the love.. hihihi

  3. iya ta…dikau kan bisa bahasa koreanya…kalo sehari2 mah jangan takut2 lha hehehehe…
    jangan sampe kayak g yang bahasa sehari2 aja ga ngerti ngomongnya gimana >.<

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