* crazy mode on *

Dear God, I have something to ask. When You create hair, what formula that you used? 

Getting crazy in here *wish there’s yahoo emoticon – at wits end-* 
I think you can guess what i’m trying to do now huh? The due date for this assignment is Tuesday night (or let say wednesday morning before the class!) as usual this course makes me crazeee but somehow it’s interesting. But when i face dead-end like this, it’s killing me softly…grrrrr 

Ok, let’s share what’s stuck on my mind. 

which formed by chain of particle that connected by the spring, or with the theoritical term applying hair using spring damper method. U know spring right? that boing boing spiral thing, that has elasticity, will give push force if you press it… ya like that la. 
While applying it, remember the characteristic of the hair! 
our hair is not stretch! and the shape is not changing!
so the spring has to be stiff enough, so the hair will not boing boing, or not strectch. for those who has curly hair, it keeps culry everytime (in normal condition). even though there’s gravitation, it doesn’t affect the curly hair right?

fyuhh.. *just need to pour out what’s on my mind kkk*

in one hair it has potential energy…omg… God, did u think about it when U made it?? Think about the potential and kinetic energy.
When we shake our head, it will create kinetic energy for the hair.  
and the potential energy’s source are from energy stored in the hair (haiya… what is it?) then gravitational energy and also elastic energy. 

AND it’s just for one hair.. ONE HAIR!!! which still not think about the collision with other hair… 
Crazy to think about hair now… *should i have my hair cut hihiii*  

But lucky the assignment was changed…hair changed into rope simulation (main assignment) PLUS hair simulation (optional)

So now time to think about the rope…which i think still quite the same with hair… 
so the basic idea it’s the same laaaaa… 😦
rope, connected with particle using spring…think about the stiffness, also it can be move…how to smoothen the simulation…hiayaaaaa..watttaaaaa
Suddenly felt so many mussy ropes in my head…@!@^%!@*&#@&#^@0

Breath in….breath out….breath in….breath out….fyuh….

아차아차 파이팅!!!!

* the mode still on until un-defined time *

unfortunately another homework still wait patiently…fyuhh…
Homeworks are waiting, but u still blogging?!?!?!’s a must!!! i’ve tried to read, to code, but dead-end 😦 so better pour out what mess up my mind kkkkk… 

hop hop hula hula…..ganbarimasu!
*officially crazy*


7 thoughts on “Hair!!!

  1. @ c viol
    ho oh…

    @ c ceemot
    kenapa coba musa ga tanya yaaa… coba kalo dia tanya, kan beresss

    @ san & zet
    Hahaha ini postingan yang tak perlu dimengerti hahaha
    namanya matkul ini adalah P*ysica*ly Bas*d Ani*atioN
    kritinggggg dee akuh

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