Miss the moments…

Last weekend I had a great weekend, going here and there, visited insa-dong 2x in a day… it was tiring but it was so interesting.

After had SamGyeopSal dinner around DongDaeMun with friends from Indonesia, I went to InsaDong (again) to meet HaeYoung n YuJin… Last time we met in HaeYoung’s brother’s wedding ceremony. But that time we didn’t talk alot, I met some new friends again.

SamCheongDong CafeAnd finally we met again before she went back to KL (which is today) last weekend. We went around 삼청동 it was near 경복궁, and it was so beautiful, i just knew that place. And i really like that area ^ ^. So romantic hihihi

Looks cool huh 😀 I wish i’ll go there again someday

After walked here and there looking for the cafe to sit in, we chose Book Cafe. So bad i didn’t take the front view of this cafe, cos it was raining 😦

Friends We had cappucinos, mocca latte then started to talk this and that, it was so interesting 🙂 copy-of-img_9819

Language??? hoho we mixed it up..though mostly i talked in English (of course hihi) and sometimes HaeYoung became our mediator hihihi…and if she’s stuck, YuJin explain it in simple-Korean.. she is really good in explaining something in a way that easy to be understood.

Too bad i should go in hurry to catch up the last train…but no worries..we’ll meet again 🙂

For me, it’s a bless to have them as a friend, cos i had a chance to get into the native’s life in here 🙂 especially gals life :D.
Started from couple of months ago when my friend in church introduced them to me…had many great times together, enjoyed the festival, played in the mud…so many memories ^ ^.

Huaaa…start to miss them already 😦

Today HaeYoung is going to go to KL for studying…wish u luck gal ^ ^ Have a safe trip 🙂
And i think before i go to visit wina n ci wil, I’d like to go to Petite France with friends and i think I’ll ask YuJin too 🙂 wish she could join :D…

Time to back to homework again hohohooho…파이팅!!! ^o^


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