Keep Waiting…

Wed, Nov 19

Current time : 1.45am in the Lab ㅠㅜ

I just woke up hihihi thnx to zet for buzz-in’ me :D. Put the earphone, turned on the classic song, then slept… and suddenly *cring cring* (buzz sound)…my time to wake up… 
not long after that, my phone vibrate along with my hand automatically turn it off ㅋㅋㅋㅋ it becomes automatic now… no wonder i missed the alarm nowadays.. gotta put it far from me… (but what if i don’t hear the sound??)

Blame it to weather.. now my brain is’s -5 now brrrrr… the rope is not working well 😦  so here i am still to try to fix it up. But since my brain is freezing, after wake up I need to warm it up… xixixi

So what i’m waiting now is…FIRST SNOW ^ ^ 

My new friend just told me, first snow has special meaning hohoho… first snow has romantic atmosphere… so for couple it’s a nice moment ^ ^.. 

Weather ForecastBased on the weather forecase (see how’s the temperature going down 😦 Brrrrrr) it’s going to be in the next 2 days tomorrow on Nov 20…see the snowman ^ ^ 

Actually on Monday it was predicted to be snowing…but it was wrong… 

My friend told me, it might be snowing tomorrow today, and I just figured it out last year’s first snow was on Nov 19..Hohoho let’s see when will it be…I’ll wait for it patiently, because I love snow!! 

Snow forgives the cold hehehehe…so even if it’s cold, if it’s snowing, no worries ^ ^ I’ll play outside… hohoho.. 

Keep waiting for the first winter snow this year ^o^
*While still trying to fix up this messy rope* 


7 thoughts on “Keep Waiting…

  1. wah, udh mo saljuan aja di sono, duh di sini ma maret baru saljuan, haha.. smoga thn ini bs ber-white christmas bnran 😛
    btw, dirimu mo ke jepun yaaa.. uhhh asiknya jln2.. hehe..

  2. waaa…cepet amirrr dapet komenna hihiih
    iyahh… cepet amat ni turunna…ajubile dingin plus anginna itu looooooo pliss deeee

    hihihii semoga di jepun bisa white xmas-an 😀 semoga ga ujannnn hihihihi
    muhun didoaken semoga rencananya lancar 😀

  3. @ sanz
    mariiiii hahahha… susa ntar kalo dapet ehm ehm orang sana, ketemunya gmn dong hauhuahaua

    @ c viol
    mariiiii ke siniii

    @ Equinox
    넵넵 드디어~~~눈 왔어요^ ^
    눈을 별로 많지 않아요…그렇지만 진짜 이뻐 ^ ^
    아무리 추워도 눈을 오면 기분이 좋아졌어요 ^ ^
    빨리 한국에 오삼 ^ ^

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