hohoho it came ^ ^ Finally the nun(눈) -> snow ^ ^ ,that i was waiting for, came today 🙂
So for 2008 the 첫눈 (cheot.nun = first snow) in seoul came today Nov 20 ^ ^ soooo happy 😀
Actually it wasn’t a heavy snow… it didn’t create white white thing cos it melt when it reach the ground. But to see the snow is falling, is beautiful 🙂

So when my friend (who worked near the window hihihi) sent me msn “the snow is coming” i directly checked outside, and it was hohhoo…so i took my cam and went outside (and also with my note, cos i had a class) 😛
Unfortunately i had a class, so i enjoyed it just couple of minutes just before the class. But still, it’s beautiful 😀

Well..for some people, may be it’s just a common thing, but since i’m a snow lover…it makes me happy ^ ^
When the snow comes, it makes me happy ^ ^. Even though it’s cold, when the snow comes it will warmth my heart hohohoho…

So today i’m so happy 🙂

frozen-pondIn the morning, I saw the water in the pond was freezing…actually it started from yesterday, but yesterday i didn’t bring my cam…

And it’s good that the temperature is going better today…yesterday, when i went back from lab around 4, it was around -7…Omg…it was freezing brrrrr

In the lunch time, i had lunch outside with lab mates..and we went to “french restaurant” around 성신여자대학교 (SeongSin Yeoja DaeHagYo) and it was a good place..Nice design also..

The name of the resto is Mommie in the Kitchen (etM’amie).

lunchplace But i think to eat here, we have to reserve first, cos the place is not so big, may be just around 10 tables… especially on lunch time. Cos i saw some guests couldn’t eat there, cos there were no more tables left.
*poor them n luncky me kkkk*
The meals??
hoho as you can see ^ ^  it looks nyummy huh 😛 and also the taste..it’s nyummy 😀
I ordered chiken + fried rice + salad *hix forgot the name*

The price??
for something like this, it’s around 9,000won

And fortunately, my friend paid for this lunch, cos she got the 3rd winner in a competition hihihi..
*Congrats to her and thnx for the treat :D*



But not only that….
When we finished the meals, the warm tea came..

So, that time..the weather outside was chilly, inside we had warm tea, also nice design from the resto.. plussss jazz Xmas Song….Huaaa…this made me…errr errr….
another song
“chestnut roasting on an open fire… ”

Huaaa…xmas eve surrounds me…Then other started to talk about their xmas time…Huaa…xmas is coming… next month…
Time flies…

Then after went back to the lab… couple of minutes later, snow came hohoho…perfect then ^ ^

WIsh you had a good time ^o^
It’s time to sleep now 😀
*wish i meet mr snowman hihihi*

G’ nite…잘자요…おやすみ


5 thoughts on “Yihaaa

  1. @ sanz
    hoho tuh hari ini turun juga akhirnya 😀

    @ c viol
    aaa tidakkk lagu ituhhh…iyah..i wish i had white xmas too 🙂 but even if it’s not , white xmas will always in heart hoho

    @ jambinese
    hahah dasar 😛

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