Original is the best

One day, i went to the supermarket that i used to go to buy my fav one ^ ^.. cos it’s the cheapest place i found…only 1900 hoho, while other places sell it around 3000…

But..suddenly i couldnt find the original 😦 so sad that day..huhuhu imagine my days without pringi πŸ˜€ hihihi… Yeah..i know i’m officially pringaholic now…

Pringi1So i tried to buy the hot and the Bbq…But…err err… somehow for me..the original is the best one!!
*unfortunately i couldn’t find the cheese one in here*
Sooo i miss the original 😦 i went to that place again after i finished the bbq and the hot (of course not in a day looo…) but still there was no original 😦

So..once upon a day hihii…i went to another supermarket to find out bday gift for our friend’s baby…and know what i found????
It was pringi..the original one hohohoho and and not only that… there was a sale hahahaha… like buy 2 get 1 for free… and after calculation, the price for one pringi was 1500 hohohohoo

So this what i did…


Hohoho… i took 6 tubes huahuahuaa…. (which is already decreased now :P)

soo glad to see the original kkkk ^ ^

and couple of days ago i went to the supermarket that i used to go, i saw that original again hohoho…gut gut gut… finally it appeared again πŸ™‚

Let’s have a pringi time ^ ^
*Since now so many tubes, some of it already throwned kkkk*


3 thoughts on “Original is the best

  1. keknya waktu itu Tata udah posting kalo nyetok pringles dech! sekarang again gitu low ?! ck ck ck ck … sakit tenggorokan lho! panas dalem, nanti tipes *jaat mode on* hahaha…

    emang disana murah yah ?!

  2. @ san
    hahaha kayaknya pake tu. soalnya gurih booo hahaha
    *blame it to homework loooo* hahah

    @ pitshu
    huahuahua kan banyak minummm *tetep ngeles :P*
    errrr….. lumayan loooo…
    3pringles = 1 set lunch di luar (yang normal loo)
    kalo di jkt mah…xx kali nge-warteg = 1 pringi hahaha

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