Grumbling’s 12.15AM now..and i’m still stuckhere in lab 😦 

Suddenly this brain is hang 😦 can’t think, can’t concentrate, can’t focus…can’t do anything… but the homework still not finish.. 
but now it’s not the programming homework. It’s summarizing homework…

Summarize 4 methods in compres*ing…a molla molla…
this kinda homework needs read some refferences. And even i’ve tried to read, still don’t undersand…which mean, can’t summarize laaa…

This kinda homework not difficult, it’s just need concentration, analysis, then make the ppt…but why my brain is not working well 😦 
The more i tried to read, the more confuse…can’t focus in 1 method… suddenly can’t think clearly.. 
I know i suppose to close others, then focus one by one… aaaaaa helep helep…

a molla…!@#&^@#
I just sent incomplete slide to the lecture (and stupid me, i forgot to delete some slides that i hide…
and now headache is coming to town grrrrr…haiyaaaaa…  
What an unproductive time 😦

Gotta sleep now la..
Dunno whether i’ll present that slide or not..wish no.. but what if the lecturer choose me.. *dead me then*

Wish i could wake up early tomorrow this morning then continue to summarize then re-send the revised. 
Wish i could focus, try not to think the unfinished part…but think one-by-one step-by-step..finish summarize one method first..then continue for the next…

Aaa..what a theory huh…but so hard to implement that thought…
dunno la… whatever will be, will be…
gotta back to dorm under the chilly weather *wish there’s bike downthere*
then…..sleep tightly *wish no more bad dreams 😦 *
then…. wake up early.. *wish i could control my hands from turn off the alarm automaticaly*
then….continue this homework… 

파이팅 타타~~~~~~~~~~~~ ganbarimasu!!!


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