’s flight is 6pm..will i able to go to airport ontime? 
it’s the day…
after the class, i directly asked my friend is it possible to change the flight time cos i’m not sure i’m able to get the flight or not…cos i know that she has friend who work in airport

I haven’t packing yet.. haven’t prepared anything…how bout the traffic..should i wait for the bus, or taking taxi..or subway??
And when she looked up my ticket…OMG..your flight time is 4pm!! which is you already miss your flight!

O mai gat~~~
How could i be wrong in remembering my flight time… 
never been happen to me, that i miss the flight…what should i do now… 

ok, i succeed to change your flight schedule into 9pm“, she said..
Fyuh..good then, i have sometime..

But i haven’t packing up, and i only have 10,000won in my wallet. And i still don’t have Yen!
Should take more money, but where should i find money changer in this hour…

What a mess…i haven’t prepare anything
I still don’t know where will i go
I still don’t have any yen
I still don’t know whether i’m able to catch the / airport bus / subway?? which terminal should i go?
And the worst…i haven’t packing yet…

Then suddenly i found my self waiting for taxi in front of BiN*s Angg*k….
And then my alarm wake me up

Hyuh…i don’t like this dream 😦
It must be because i just talk with my friend about my plan, and i told her that i haven’t prepared anything…moreover this exchange rate go up almost 50% rrrrr…. *yen…cepatlah kau turun semingguuuu aja hahaha – egois mode on- *

But yeah..i should confess it, it’s all happen so sudden.. 
Last year i ever dreamed to go to Korea or Japan with friends, travelling together… 
And now here i am…with visa and ticket in hand, that i planned just couple of months before the departure time… with limited money left *yeah yeah i know, it’s crazy kkk
And till now, still don’t have the fix plan where will i go there, but stay in my friends‘s house (yups, it’s friends hahaha..which mean i might be nomaden :P) then have a xmas party with japanese family 😀

Other than that, i just list down the famous place, top 10…but still haven’t set up the detail schedule…since couple of this day…that rope messed up my head, continue with the presentation… this and that… 

Wish that kinda dream won’t appear again… 
And wish the plan ran well…
*muhun doa restu~~~*


5 thoughts on “

  1. from what i see, your mind remains hyperactive even when you are asleep. a probable explanation is that your mind is subjected to a lot of stimulation during the day. you must be working your mind very hard 🙂

  2. @ Equinox
    Yeah…poor my brain 😀 even if when i sleep, i push it to think about my plan 😛
    gotta make it rest for a while 😀

    @ sanz
    aaaaa…jangan2 dikau tularin ke daku yaaa

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