Still thinking…

On my way to somewhere from somewhere… I saw this poster….. 
And it absolutely got closer to see it…the big font there really caught my eyes 



And it made me really miss my life in choir 😦 … and thinking to see that performance…
I’ve never since to see this oratorio, so far i just sat there, in the choir’s sit…

the hectic before the concert…
Amazingly stunning the soloist in our rehearsal..
rehearse with orchestra
And on the day,
Stood there, surround with orchestra
Saw the audience
saw the crazy running not line up so tidy..
especially for
“for unto us the child is boooooooooooooorn” and “his yoke is eaaaaaaasy”
What a running not huh :D…but i enjoy it

And now here i am… Stood up that poster…and directly copied that song into my “blacky” and played it oftenly. omg, now it becomes my fav hahaha, not so me huh… addicted to classic… but i should admit it, it’s beautiful.. 

After saw that concert poster, and heard that masterpiece in my “blacky”
At night i had a dream 😦
I saw me…my self…. in the middle of the crowd, watched the choir from my prev church sang…wishing wish i were there again… And then our conductor passed me… and offer me to join directly…

I was so confuse… to join or not… I knew the song they’re singing, it’s messiah….and i want to join them..
But i was not sure

And finally, i joined them and felt so happy to be in the middle of them again. I felt so relieve, so happy to sing that oratorio again…. 

Fyuh….what a dream… 

Should i go…should i not…Still don’t know till know…Cos it’s on monday, which mean i should skip 1 korean class.. But it’s for that concert, it feels worthed (at least till now)
But still i’m confuse….dunno why…. 

Should i go…should i not… a molla molla…..


8 thoughts on “Still thinking…

  1. hahahaha….. can’t sleep lo..n suddenly lazy to go back to dorm, so just kill some time in the lab with blogging huauahuahua
    before the real world starts again, better be freeeeee ^^

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