Swing my rope!!!!

Hahahaha…. finally..thought it’s not perfect yet, but i’m happy… cos finally i saw my rope swing swing quite smooth ^ ^ 

After spending so many papers to make the manual simulation…tracing like a stupid… 
when i = 0, j = 0 then the result should be xxxx, when the i = 0, j = 1…it should be yyyyy

After crazy building the matrix…

finally my rope can swing….swinggg…. swing like a spidy hahahahha getting crazy now… 

Actually it’s not finish yet…cos i only implement for 50particles, which will create 150x150matrix… *crazy* cos it use the implicit method…which i realized couple of hours before send it…
The difference of implicit and explicit is just in finding deltaV!!!! Haiyaaa…. for the accelaration still use the previous method..from the force bla bla bla *hahaha getting technical now ;P*

I still not able to implement 100 particles (which will create 300×300 matrix) smoothly, and it became very slow…. and can imagine for 200particles??? need a life time i guess hahaha

So the next step is to optimize the code…since the lecturer gave us more time to fix it…and (try to) implement the sparse matrix… 
FYuh fyuh..but not now yaaa…the ropes messed up my brain kkk..need a time to loose it up for a while… 

Time to blog blog hahaha 😛


9 thoughts on “Swing my rope!!!!

  1. hahaha no need to understand loo 😛 as long as u can see that rope swing here and there…that’s enough hahaha

    *imagine spidey’s rope…hiyaaa..how to make it yak :P*

  2. @ wenny
    hehhe tengkiu tengkiu mari lilit lilit-an =))

    @ san
    hahaha bukan sannn… masi seutas tali, ato sehelai rambut… *rambut dan tali disamakan saja lah*

    @ c ceemot
    hohoho…yeah… akhirnya kata2 yang tak terucapken ke musa (or terucapkan tapi tak ditulisken musa) telah diperdengarkan kepadaku
    * gelo ahhh hahaha *

  3. bayangkan klo pak t*ng baca comment saya & jawaban comment kamu.. “anak muda jaman sekarang.. tidak menghormati alkitab, nabi2 dan Tuhan..” 😀 *pizz pak..*

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