Till now i still don’t understand what’s behind it, and why should be like that…  

The first one the blocking of the airport in Thai… and now they close the 2nd airport, which cause many people have to wait in airport, change on the flight schedule, change in here and there, no one can get in, no one can get out…

And there must be lot of mess because of this change of the flight schedule.. 

One of my thai friends going to come back here in the end of this month, still don’t know whether she will be able to come here or not *miss her*
Wish you could come here ontime nan..  

yeah there are lot of anti-government there, but is it has to affect the public facilities, which not only affect the local, but also the foreigner, and the worse, it will affect the other countries’s view to their country.. 
And it must take time to recover again..

I remember the bali’s condition after the bombblast that time…my mom n dad said, it was so different. Usually we can enjoy the crowd in Kuta or else but after that blast…the tourists are gone…
And it takes a long time to recover 😦

The second one..

The newest one..about the terrorist in Mumbai… and till now around 100 people died.. 
They attacked some famous places in  there, include the hotels, hospital, train station..
Fyuh…can’t understand their thought… so many people died… not only the foreigners, but also local people. I never understand what’s they’re thinking of till they did this kinda thing. Ok, may be some of them don’t like AMeri*an.. but isn’t by doing this thing, not only those people, but also their own people became the victim of their action. 

A molla… 

Dunno lately i became so sensitive for the social thing 😦 

Wish the world getting better….soon….


2 thoughts on “Why?

  1. speechless as well.

    but we should let this kind of things affect too much..

    so.. let’s visit bangkok and mumbai when everything back to normal 🙂

  2. yeahhh…really want to go to bangkok, then phuket… then swim swim, snorkling… what a dream 😀
    mumbai ama dubai deket ga ya hihihi..molla…pengen dubai jugaa jadina

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