Welcome December ^ ^

Yeahh..it’s December already…

Dec 1st, 08 12.09 in my lovely warm room

For me this December means, time for xmas ^ ^, time to prepare to think about the new resolution again, time to reflect, time to make 1paper looooo (at least topic la ㅋㅋㅋㅋ)
Last year december also time for concert
This year???
Hohohho…quite the same… ^ ^

But overall, i love (and lil bit scare) with December 🙂 what a lovely month…

This december’s plans….

[let’s start with study things ㅋㅋㅋ]

1. Dec XX (has to be before 24!!)… report to my adviser about my new topic…. really really really wish i could do this…

2. Dec xx (dunno for sure when, but before 24 too!!) Final homework for lovely PBA course..dunno what the teacher will give us…just let’s see how will it be… But i predict that we’re going to make a cloths…but dunno laa…let’s wait patiently…

3. Dec xx (dunno for sure too, but again before 24^ ^) Final homework for another class…fyuh fyuh…

4. Dec 19, final exam for the korean class at school…rrrr…wish i could do it well too…

[ now start with the happy happy things ^ ^]

5.  Still remember the “dong-dong Gung-tak-gung” thing???  now 13students left AND (this one is important) there is only 1 man huahuahuahua…. the rest are women…(see it’s not only me the woman who loves this percussion thing).
So this saturday (Dec 6) we’re going to have performance ^ ^ we’re going to play Korean Music with JangGu (but don’t expect too much 😛 it’s just around 5 minutes), and the teacher said, we are going to be the first performer hoho…

6. And remember how i really want to watch Messiah….and now it’s been decided…last saturday i had a talk with my new friend from German in the JangGu class, and she likes it tooo…moreover, she sang it before too in a choir…huaaa…what a coincidence ^ ^. So tomorrow (or today) i’m going to reserve the ticket..Yihaaa…
Dec 8, messiah… I’m coming!! (errr sorry for my korean teacher, cos i’m going to skip the class).
Finally i’m back to the audience’s seat ^ ^…but someday i’ll be back to the choir’s seat…someday ^ ^ Messiah…elijah…wait for me hihihi

7. and i just knew from our korean teacher in the school…that we are going to have performance in Dec 22 or 23 hohoho…. may be it’s just going to be like a simple Korean play (drama)… some students will give their speech, some will sing, some will perform simple drama… I’m so excited too for this thing 🙂

8. Dec 24….going to go to meet c wil n wina….i really wish i can meet u galzzz….Zet..u suppose to be there too laaa..so we can say it’s offically 022’s female gathering ㅋㅋㅋ…But still don’t have detail plan till know…fyuh…
No worries!!! it’s going to be ok!!

Hohoho it’s balance looo 4 vs 4 (its not in purpose looo)…
so it proves that i’m not tourist part-timer as a student loo 😛 *yes*

Oks then….let’s welcome this lovely december with full of spirit ^ ^

Wish you have a great month

God bless~~~


3 thoughts on “Welcome December ^ ^

  1. arghhhhhhhhhhhh.. i wishhhhhhh i could be thereeeee !!
    hmmm, my calendar for chrismas is till empty..
    tapi ongkos ke sono neee muahaaaal boooo T_T

    gatheringnya next time ajah yah T_T

    kemaren gathering bersama pipit, sz, dan iren.. so happyyyy 🙂 hehe

  2. @ zet
    ho oh…you should be here looooo

    @ ci wil
    hohoohoh wish you luck for the surgery.. and also your exam ^ ^
    I can’t wait to see odaiba ci wil hahahaa~~~

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