Keep Going~~~

No matter how cold will it be, I’ll keep going~~~~

Janggu-groupHohoho, yeah it’s tomorrow… at 10.30AM it will be started, and my group gonna be the 1st performer hohoho….dak gung dak gung group!!!…
*hiyaaa looks so big in that pic…anyway, that’s not the topic haha*

So bad maria wasn’t there :(.. but tomorrow we will be complete.. The one in the middle is our 멋지는 선생님 (read : gorgeous teacher) hahaha ^ ^ so no wonder only 1 male student in our class huh haha 😛

anyway, it’s good to know other students, they are Japanese, Korean-American, Canadian, German errr…what else…sorry can’t remember very well 😦 but i had a great time with you all 🙂 *haiyaa start to miss the class 😦 *

And last week was our last rehearsal.. (lucky i brought my cam to record it :D)
Well, let’s see how will it be tomorrow ^ ^…

weatherUnfortunately, mr.forecaster said it’s gonna be colder tomorrow 😦 Even today was so cold AND WINDY!!! (it’s around -7 or -8…and -10 at night)
so no matter how much Mr.해 (read hae = sun) is shinning brightly…it will still cold and windy….Sorry Mr.해 i can’t count on you now 😦 Never thought the bright sunny day gonna be this cold…

Well, no matter how cold will it be…I’ll go ^ ^ to hit hit the janggu as hard as i could hahaha 😛
and to give my best…(remember ta, don’t lose the count!!! other wise you’re gonna mess it up…)

So let’s have “gung-tak-gung-tak-gung” day tomorrow ^ ^
* wish there gonna be someone who i can ask for a help to record it~~~ wishing~~~*



Thnx a lot for 국립국악원 (national center for korean traditional performace art) that gave us(the foreigner) a chance to have this interesting class…
*hmmm do they have a drum dance class~~~~ hahahah just wondering*

sebelon di protes, tulis pengakuan dulu…ini si tata sebenernya belajar apa ya hahahaha isi blog ga jauh jauh dari fisika ga jelas, jalan-jalan sana sini, dan sekarang ditambah belajar musik koreah hahaha 😛 let’s call it, enjoying life kkkkkkk

Wish us luck~~~


6 thoughts on “Keep Going~~~

  1. semenjak awal, juga g udah enggak jelas dengan misi keberangkatan dikau kesana hhihihi…
    tiap kali chatting, lagi di lab, tapi kok chatting ama g lancar banget yah !?
    *pertanyaan :
    Di lab itu tempat main inet gretong atau belajar !?


  2. @ ci pit
    ho oh pake trad costume hehehe sabar yakkk hihihi
    *belagak seleb :P*

    @ ci wil
    hehe seppp dalam proses, secara ga bisa poto banyak..jadina pideo pideo an

    @ c ceemot
    ho oh ho oh….da buat pengakuan loooo 😛

    @ c viol
    belajar banyak hal looo

    @ pitshu
    hahaha saya kan bisa multitasking ^ ^
    *pembelaan diri :D*

    @ all
    makaci makaci… yaaa…

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