The Performance

Yeah..finally we opened the chilly saturday morning with our Janggu πŸ™‚

k Icha n me went around 8am under -12C crazy weather completed with wind…what a perfect πŸ˜€ And i woke up with pain in my throat… 😦
I brought my Kimbab and my milk, i was planning to have a breakfast in the subway…but somehow didn’t feel hungry 😦 so i just had some pieces of Kimbab, and half of milk… then slept πŸ˜€

When i arrived at the class, some people already there and did the rehearsal.. so i just joined them… at 9.30AM everybody was there, and our teacher came with the costume hohoho…
Started to dress up, and do our last rehearsal before going to the stage…
The video of our rehearsal with costume can be seen in here and here (taken from Mr.Lee W Lee’s cam)

we started to go to the performance building and set up the place in the stage…We brought our JangGu with us, and brrrrrr…. it was so cold… and most of us went out without jacket hahaha….
So we sat on the stage waited it to be started… Some people already came..

Mr.Lee opened the event with welcoming the guess and thanking them for welcome in this chilly saturday morning… He introduced all of us to the audience…
To learn the traditional music in 12 weeks, without majoring that music…spare 2 hours every saturday morning to practice… It’s not an easy one (for me it’s so interesting πŸ™‚ *start to wonder what am i gonna do this saturday morning without this class* :p )

While he was speaking, we still hide behind the curtain ^ ^ till finally the curtain started to lift up.. Tadaaa…one of our group member introduced our group… the JangGu group… and finally… we presented it ^ ^

The video

(also can be seen from and here from Mr.Lee W Lee’s cam)

Not many pictures that I took, but lucky me i had new friend who just came from Sing… and my friend took some pics in the performance (Thnx ^ ^ )

Well in my opinion, in overal it ran well…lucky i didn’t miss the count kkk but looks like it was quite obvious to see me count on the stage… But somehow i enjoyed it πŸ˜‰

And finally our teacher stood beside the stage, helped us to keep the tempo and shout to alert us ^ ^ Thnx teacher…

5 minutes ran so fast…and finally it’s all finish πŸ˜€

So i went to our class room, cos i forgot my mobile, and also i took my jacket πŸ˜€
Since the classroom was locked, so i went there with schuli (which also wanted to take her mobile) and our teacher… talked this and that a bit…with our limited korean language hihihi..and then continued to watch the performance..

It was so great πŸ™‚ especially the Samulnori part…that’s my favorite (and i think i want to take that class for the next smt hihi wish still with the same teacher hahaha – taaaa…..paper ta paper!!! hahaha πŸ˜› )

And finally we took our group picture…thnx to my friends who took it ^ ^
JangGu Group

Finally we are complete..14 of us ^ ^ 13 students and teacher…
I had a great time with you all….
Special thnx from me…. hmmm…
Thnx to our teacher for teaching us so patiently
Thnx to Helen who always translate for us…
Thnx to Yukiko (wish i type your name well πŸ™‚ ) who taught me after the class
Thnx to Mr.Lee for leading us during the rehearsal
Thnx to Jama for your express y*g* lesson hohoho
Thnx to Esther for showing me the nyummy BudaeJjigae place hohoho…
Thnx to SchuliΒ  n Maria for the good time..
Aaa sorry i don’t know the other names 😦 …
Thnx to you all πŸ™‚

And after the show, we had special show in our class room πŸ™‚ and mr.Lee recorded it (thnx to my friend for recording it πŸ™‚ ), video can be seen in here..

Thnx G for the wonderful chance, great time, nice friends….

PS :

For more detail report for this event, i think my friend wrote it much better ^ ^
Can be seen in here


4 thoughts on “The Performance

  1. wah keren taaaaa……
    btw btw…itu itu kok ada yang cakep yah…yang di group foto itu lho…yang bajunya beda sendiri….sapa tuh??? kliatannya ok hahaha

  2. @ ci pit..
    hoho sepppp done ^ ^

    @ san
    hoho maaci…
    hehe mata loe emang sama ama gua yak.. hahaha..silakan ke picassa untuk lebih detilna πŸ˜€

    @ ci viol
    hoho..ehm ehm.. itu maen musiknya sambil mabok looo
    hahahaha *parah πŸ˜› *

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