Love this winter

There are 2 things that i love this winter….

1. The PanCak PanCak (빤짝빤짝) thing…

in korean PanCak PanCak means blinking / glittering ^ ^

Cos nowadays so many illuminations that i saw on the road… Like in front of my course place, then when i went to Seoul Plaza…Lucky i got lost cos i forgot the direction…
At first i decided to walk from JongNo to Seoul Plaza, cos i did that before and it’s not far. Unfortunately i took a wrong direction..which lead me farther from Seoul Plaza…So i took a bus from there to nearest place to Seoul Plaza (which is MyeongDong ^ ^)

And lucky i found the beautiful illuminations there 🙂

2. The Snow

Yups it snowed quite hard last sunday 🙂 and i love it!
When i went in the morning, it was light snow, then when i arrived near the church, it was quite heavy one 🙂 and i love it ^ ^… everytime snow is coming, i feel warm in my heart 🙂 I love snow! 😀

After this and that in the church…it’s too bad if i just went back and had dinner in dorm 😦 it still snowing… So i contacted my friend, then we had dinner ^ ^ Thnx a lot to Pi Bing 😀 the steak, the bread was great…moreover the ice cream hohoho…it was nyummy 🙂

When we went back it was still snowing ^ ^ so i made a small snow ball and threw it to my friend’s back kkk… and we decided to make snowman..Yeahhh….love it ^ ^
We collected the snow (i love this part also ^ ^) then start to shape our snowman, then decorate it 😀 so interesting 🙂

This is the important tool of the day 😀 and i like to use after made our mr.snowman, we tried to clean up the road in front of the dorm…cos it was blocked with the snow…
And i like it hihihi…just like playing 😉

One of my friend said “winter is the kid’s season” (cos it’s a good season to play with snow, ski-ing, skating, sliding on the slide).. and i love to play with snow 😀

Hohoho..but now…the snow already melt 😦 our snow man lost his head last nite kkkk… but we had great time 🙂 and i enjoyed it.

And one more good thing after snowing, the temperature is going to “normal” again hahaha…after crazy -12 on Saturday, now is 8.3 (12.04AM)

Time to sleep now~~~


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