New version

Still remember with the concert that i wanted to watch??

Finally i found a friend in the JangGu class ^ ^ and she was in the choir also and she sang this masterpiece also…so both of us were so excited to watch it πŸ™‚

I made reservation via inet…good we got 20%discount for early bid..and plus one friend that like classic joined us…So three of us went to watch it.. *great ^ ^ *

couple of days before all of it happened

Me : “ko..there’s messiah concert in here…i really want to see it”
Ko : “so just see it, it’s a good chance to see it in a good concert hall”
(i sent the link of the concert hall)
Me : “yeah it’s messiah…But…. how bout the language…will they sing it in korean?”
Ko : “No laa..usually it will be in English or German…We never sing it in Indonesian, right”
Me : “yeah….”

That’s the summary of my conversation with my bro… Actually i sent them email to ask bout the language..but they didn’t reply 😦

So yesterday…

“Yeah, finally we are here ^ ^”
three of us enthusiastically entered the concert hall…’s a good concert hall. We sat in the 2nd floor..

and the concert began….

“Simfonia” is playing…
And the next song is tenor solo…
After listen it for couple of minutes, try to match with the song that i knew… I heard wi wi something..Unfortunately i didn’t remember the title and the lyric of the first song…i just remembered the chorus parts kkk

Me : “Do u know what language is it?”
F1 : “it doesn’t sound like english”
Me : “Hmmm may be it’s german, cos the original song is in German”

Lucky my friend is Germanian
Me : “does he sing in german?”
F2 : “hmmm minute…i’m trying to listen to him too”
Me : “it doesn’t sound like english, right?”
F2 : “Yeah, and it’s not German too”
Me : “is it….in korean??? I’m not sure… ”

So i checked on the book and tried to find the title of the song…which (all) is written in korean 😐
And the title of the first song is…. “bip bip wirohara”
Hohohohohoho….yeahhhh finally… i was 100% it’s in korean kkkkkk

I showed my friend…the title in the book…and we agreed…it’s in korean hohohoho
moreover when the choir part came….hohoho…
We tried our best not to laugh… I mean…i never heard this song sung in other language beside English and German, and she also.. it was our first time….

Since 2 of us know this masterpiece quite well, and another friend didn’t know very much (except the Hallelujah Chorus of course πŸ™‚ )…so during the concert I tried my best to write the english title for the song and show him….
If i remember the lyric of the song, so i’ll write it too…
* hoho i supposed to remember all the Isaiah part huh, so there’ll be no difficulties, since most of all the lyrics areΒ  taken from Isaiah πŸ˜› *

But though I couldn’t fully understand, but i should said the concert was great. The place was great, the soloist also good (i like the alto), and the choir also good… I enjoy it πŸ™‚ I don’t regret it at all…
At least we knew the new version of it πŸ™‚ besides the language barrier, everything was great…

After the concert we walked to City hall, took a pic with big xmas tree, then had some drink in Dunkin..
Thnx friends πŸ™‚


7 thoughts on “New version

  1. @ ci viol
    hahaha…iyahhh hebring dee..
    eh eh ini drink di dunkin looooo daku minum hat choko ^ ^

    @ c ceemot
    hahah na itu dia ga direkam looo… πŸ˜€
    ah ga ah…lebih indah di english… *secara ga ngerti jerman hhaha*

  2. Woeiiitt… In Korean ??? Wadaw.. Ampun Ooommm… Ha..ha..
    Akhirnya dirimu nonton juga yee..
    Btw, tanggal 28 Desember ini kita konser Messiah (versi Inggris tentunya).. he..he..
    Btw.. Merry Cheistmas yaa… Natalan di Jepang neh ?? Met jalan2 juga yee… GBU

  3. @ aw
    merry xmas n happy new year juga yaaa…dikau kerja mulu neee…
    Iyah kemaren spent xmas in Japan akhirna hihhi..
    hahaha nee in korean looo… coba coba diusulin in indonesian tu we wekekeke..

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