He’s only 11, but..

Follow your dream…Don’t let anything stop you.

That’s the last sentence from the video of Brenden Foster.
First time I saw his video, i was touched… and i can’t agree more with the reporter. She said “Old soul in 11 years old body”. Doctor told him that he got a leukemia, but it’s not the end of the story. Instead, it’s the starting point of it all.

Young boy, had a leukemia, made a simple wish, that affects a lot of people. Just a wish, can move many people’s heart. He may not able to do his wish by himself, but through his testimonies, people did what his wishes…
And that wishes were not for him. But for others.
Through a young boy, people’s heart was moved, and more people got help.
And even at the end, he kept giving… What a big heart he had..

And I like with his words..
I had a great time, and until my time is come, I keep having a good time

Dear Brenden, you must smile from upthere, to see your wishes come true.
What a blessing to know this video.

Have a good day~~


One thought on “He’s only 11, but..

  1. thanks for sharing this video ta…it’s a wonderful video…i can’t help myself to cry seeing this video 🙂

    by the way, what did he said when the reporter asked him “what make you cry???” *he was crying…i couldn’t hear it clearly…

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