Almost broke it up

Once upon a time…
when the temperature was terribly cold (around -12 or something…. below 0 for sure)..

“Okay it’s my time to put my clothes in the machine..” I like to live in dorm like this, so easy… no need hardwork for washing clothes 🙂 just put it on the machine then if I want to make it dry quickly, just put on the dryer (thought i just used it once ^ ^ since i prefer let it dry naturally)

But i think the choice that i made that day was wrong… I should have put it on the dryer 😐

So after washed.. i put on my clothes in the balcon (still part of the room, but it’s the place for AC outdoor and some people put their clothes in here too to dry it up) Especially on winter, people said the winter’s weather is so dry, so you have to put on lotions and so on…and based on my experience (on Feb) the clothes can be dried quickly.
So, I did the same thing as before… nothing different…And after finishing put on my clothes there, then prepare this and that to go church on the next day.

On the next day morning..

Take my towel from balcon (as usual) then when i want to check on my clothes….they were look so stiff..

*kretek krek krek*

o mai gat…. what happen…

Check the other clothes that i washed last night…it’s all the same… looked stiff and when i tried to fix it up

*krek krek krek*

Ooops…almost tore broke it up…. It’s all frozen!!!!
Haiyaaa…. all the clothes that i washed last nite… (include “that” hihhi ) FROZEN….

Well, if i pushed to fix on their shape…. i might broke it up..
So i just left it there, wished the temperature will be “normal” soon… And my clothes will melt hihihi…

Fyuhh..interesting experience anyway… so when the clothes become frozen…just leave it there kkk or put it inside (if there’s still some space) 😛

And it’s correct, the next day, they were melt… ^ ^


10 thoughts on “Almost broke it up

  1. @ anung
    hohoho ga diambil nung…
    tapi kalo mau, bisa dicoba sendiri kok…di rumah masing masing pasti ada kulkas yang ada freezernya khaan ;;)

    @ ci viol
    ho oh…baru tauuuu

    @ zet
    melt then wet then dry 😀

    @ ci pit n wenny
    yah pan sayah juga tidak tahu looohhh
    kalo ternyata kaen juga bisa beku kalo dijemur =))
    coba deee diprakteken di sonoh…

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