Tue, Dec 16th 08
Current time : 4.13AM
Location : lovely lab
Temperature : -0.7C (outside) ; warm (inside the room, cos i turn on the heater); burnt (in my head)

Yeah..it’s already 16th day of this month…and all the assignments have to be finished in this week…Have to!!
And now i’m trying to do the physic2 things… how to make the cloth simulation! *dead me*… please my cloth, i want to see you swing swing and swing…not frozen…nor broken πŸ˜€ but swing smoothly πŸ™‚

Not only that, there’s still another homework about something that i don’t know…and we have to make a presentation… fyuh…*be patient ta..one by one… *

And…still have to report about my research idea, thnx God I got an idea yesterday..finally after thought about that day and night, even before sleep… n got that idea just right before fallen asleep…
But I don’t know whether it’s a good idea or not…just splash on my head. And to report that idea, of course i have to make a slide to explain about the big idea, then some refferences, then the detail one… Fyuh…Which means…I need time 😦

But time wont wait for me, nor for others..Time wont be shorter nor longer, just because i need it know..
Since i can’t change the time, means it’s me that have to be changed!
Minimize the sleep hour a bit…eat a lot (kkkk) , drink vitamin…

So this week, i have to finish this homework, that homework, the report, Korean exam @school…I think it’s time for the octopus mode on again hihhi..after the hibernation for a long time…

A ya…Yesterday i saw falling meteors stars..yups stars, which means not only one :D… thought only 2..but it made me happy πŸ˜€ cos it’s a rare thing.. Saw 2 falling stars in a night ^ ^
Make a wish???
Unfortunately i forgot to make a wish for this homework..but i made wishesΒ  for others hihi..yeah childish one…though don’t believe with that, it’s just interesting to follow the tradition “wishing on a falling star ^ ^”

Ok then, time to continue to make this cloth…

*Octopus mode on* till unlimited time….

Wish I could pass this week well…and stay health..cos i don’t wanna sick (especially for 2 weeks ahead hihi)

μ•„μ°¨μ•„μ°¨ νŒŒμ΄νŒ…^ ^


4 thoughts on “Time…

  1. haha.. ngeringin baju bisa jadi masalah juga ya πŸ˜›
    disini kayanya udah gak pernah liat bintang jatuh lagi lo, udah ketutup gedung2 kali ya.. pingin juga liat bintang jatuh lagi..
    kan romantis *_*

  2. @ san
    yoshhhhhhhh ga sabar gua nunggu libur… * secara ga langsung kudu cepet2 beresin tugas!!!*

    @ wenny
    mariii ber-idem idem riaaa

    @ c viol
    yah begitulah tugass 😦
    hihihi kudu rajin nongkrongin langit ci :D… tapi pas nongkrongin, ga bole ada asep polusi hihii

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