These days..

Last post is Dec 16th..let’s back to that date for a while, while i’m enjoying my quick nyummy dinner now (9PM hihi).. nan gave me Thai’s rice (or porridge?)…and it’s so delicious…

Back to

Mon, Dec 15th
After the routine course, I went back to lab again.. but not with empty hands ^ ^ I brought milk, kimbab n others, to accompany me in making the HW…

And this what i did…


r-img_0919 r-img_0918
Code n code.. In front of me Hyuh..How to deal with it..

*My 01 – a*

ting tong….the date had changed

Tue, Dec 16th
Arrived in my room at 5AM, cos really want to do the cloths homework, but yeah..still not succeed with that… so went back then slept..
When i woke up it’s almost 9AM hihi, then rushed to go to lab..

In lab, spent almost all of the time to deal with that cloths…which finally I figured out that I mistakenly interpret lecturer’s formula hix.. but at least i got the whole idea (though still couldn’t implement it well)
Another presentation homework still not done…not even started 😦

After having the language exchange class, i went back to lab …and it means, had to stay overnight again 😀

r-img_0933 r-img_0934
So happy to see this view Going up n up…
r-img_09411 r-img_0945
My lovely desk n there was me…
dying with the notations

*My 01 – b*

Yeah..since i was stuck, then just found some ways to refresh hihi

ting tong….the date had changed again

Wed, Dec 17

Spent midnite at lab again..but this time i wasn’t not alone…hihi… we tried to do this cloths homework, cos the due date is 1 hour before the class (well actually it supposed to be 1day before kkkk)
And finally i didn’t finish it.. I couldn’t make it swing, just move left and right 😦 without applying gravitation… looks so easy but killing me 😦
So we went back around 5 or 6?? dunno la…couldn’t remember for sure… what i remembered that I should sleep before the class :D..The class is at 9.

then slept…

9 AM I woke up hahaha..which means..of course i was late 😐 … so i rushed to go to class.. i missed the lecturer’s explanation about his logic to finish the cloth simulation…geee…his cloths was soooooo beautiful (yeah i’m going crazy now, seeing a simple piece of plane swings is a wonderful view for me :D)

And lucky me (dunno is it lucky or not) the due date was extended till this weekend (weekend means till sunday right :P) So i could take a breath for a while, to do another homework (which the due date is the next day 😦 ) and the class finished early *yes*.

Went to friend’s lab to sell my blood..sell??? hooho.. actually it’s for the research, they looked for blood sample from asian people to be researched for the DNA thing or something, and for those who give their blood (only around 50ml) they gave some amount of money (not big, but enough for eat la ^ ^ )

Then went back to lab, continuing another homework, to be presented on the next day.
After the korean class, I went back to lab (again hix) to finish the homework that used to be presented for the next day.

Thu, Dec 18

The date had change but i was still in lab… But it was better, cos finally i could went back early ^ ^ I arrived at 2 today..and before slept, suddenly i got some ideas for the research’s topic hohoo…so i wrote some, before it ran away :D… But somehow this day was better than before, cos i could slept more 😀 *thnx G*

Woke up at 8.45AM (again….late for the lab hihi, lucky there’s no tight rules in here 😀 otherwise… hmm hmm 😀 )

Before class (at 2pm) i spent my time to read some papers again… somehow I couldn’t concentrate 😦 cos so many things in my head…
I have to finish my research report before this next Wednesday, though i’ve got some ideas, but i haven’t wrote it!
There’s still unfinished homework
Still haven’t applied for the internship (the due date is Dec 19)
Haven’t studied for the Korean exam on the next day
Still not memorized my role in the play…
Plus i haven’t prepared well for the trip… nor packing..

The octopus was going crazy 😦

Then i went for class, did presentation as usual. Listened to the lecturer, but my self wasn’t there…
After thinking this and that, I pushed my self to send email to my adviser…and said…I’d like to report my research topic, if it’s possible i’d like to report it tomorrow or monday…

Tomorrow?!?!? yeah I was crazy…nothing has written, also had to go out for the class.. But i was thinking if it could be finished tomorrow, then it will be great (though i had to work harder 😦 )

And finally a reply came from him…let’s talk about it on Monday…hohoho…hepi hepi ^ ^ at least i still have some times… (lucky no 1)
Then suddenly my friend called me that she couldn’t come to the language exchange class, because of something… *yess* (lucky no 2).. what a coincidence ^ ^

So i went to hospital with friends to see our friend.. Went back to dorm, washed my clothes..and slept ^ ^ I didn’t spent my midnite in lab this day ^ ^

Fri, Dec 19

In the morning prepared for the exam, then read some papers again…
Afternoon : Exam, and practice the play (drama)

And as i predicted ^ ^ i had no talent in acting laa.. *so anybody who has that talent..any tips to do a good act? kk so awkward to do it*
Plus, we’re going to wear a traditional cloth on the performance day.. *perfect 😦 *

So things that still on my mind :
– the research report
– unfinished cloth homework
– new presentation homework
– how i’m going to spend next Tue (class, drama, dinner with lab)
– n still not starting to prepare 😦

After dinner we went out…the main purpose was for shopping, but i didn’t find any good things (with my own standard of price :D) so just walked around, took a fresh air, cos i felt so many things but i felt enough…need some break for a while..

I texted my friend to make sure whether we’re going or not for the next day, and got a replied “i have to go to lab tmrw” (lucky no 3 ^ ^)

After went out, i directly went back to lab *again*
I wanted to finish my research report! And it’s Friday, so i decided to stay in lab (again)

Sat, Dec 20

Still not finished with the report..couldn’t concentrate 😦 but i pushed my self…so at least i got some slides for the report…and some important point to be written in the report.

8AM i went back…since it was cold if i should went back around 5 or 6.

Lucky zet still woke up there…so I still have someone to be bothered when got sleepy hahaha… thnx zet. have a nice trip in barce 😀

And now here i am in the lab, tried to finish the report! But started to feel bore again, so blogging always be a good way out to wake me up 😀
Has to be finish or not going back to dorm!


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  1. @ equinox
    Thx too ^ ^ need more multi-taks in here hihihihi

    @ ci viol..
    hihihi i’ll take that by my self looo ^^ used timer 😀
    *narcist mode on* which shown that i totally stuck hahaha

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