Coffee’s competitor

Hmm i think the busier i am, the more i post in here… hmm hmmm…. weird ^ ^ eniwei… refreshing is a must 😀

This sunny day i passed with my lovely unfinished clothes 😦 hixx…but i have to pause it for a while, cos another homework has to be done…
Had kimbab for my lunch, and juice, and *of course* coffee ^ ^

A yaaa…one task is done… my research report finally signed hihi…*congrats ya taaa* though it might not a big thing, nor a wow thing, but i really put my effort on it… and i wish i could do it…
The prof asked me to consult with my seniors, looks like what i proposed is not brand new thing…but..let’s see ^ ^. And one thing…never expect to be good nor perfect for the first step… there must be lot of corrections needed, and i remind my self “never want to be a perfect, nor best!! But with my best effort, i’ll be better n better!”

So since I missed the bus to go to the course,I took subway today…Actually i missed it cos i still curious with my cloth 😦 … but have to stop it for a while…

On my way, i met my roommate while she was on her way to her course too, and we talked about this freezing weather…”i wish it’s snowing… cos after snowing it will be warmer” that’s what i said… and she replied “but it’s gonna be colder…”

Well, I just realized i found coffee’s competitor now hihihi… cos on my way to the course, i was quite sleepy.. and I’ve prepared can of coffee in my bag, one coffee and one my fav banana milk..and i was planning to have it in the class ^ ^ (i think whole students in the class mark me as banana milk’s girl kkk)

Sooo…when i was thinking to have a coffee on my way..suddenly whooosshh…
Hiyaa what is it, how could it be so dusty in here…

Opps…it’s getting more n more…
And it looks like a soft cotton…

Huaaaa….it’s snowing ^ ^
hey ho…. snow is coming…and everytime it’s snowing, it always make me happy ^ ^ and I didn’t feel sleep anymore hohoho…hepi hepi ^ ^

And the snow is getting harder now.. it’s 11.43PM now… and it’s -4.2 outside…
Wow..the weather forecast didn’t predict for snowing, not even raining…or may be my friend from Netherland that brings the snow here hihihi..she just came for transit in here (for 23 hours)… It’s our first time to meet, cos we just met in chat before..
So you come with snow, my friend 😀 or snow welcomes u ^ ^

Well, ok then. Actually i’m thinking about should i go to lab or not…it’s snowing outside… but i still haven’t started finish my another homework…and tomorrow’s schedule is errr errr…
1PM -> class (going to do a presentation i guess…n i haven’t started it 😦 )
4PM -> the play (dunno how will it be.. I borrowed long skirt from friend..i don’t wanna wear the angelic wing looo 😦 nor do the make-up 😦 ow pleasee….
5PM -> present my research topic to my senior
7PM -> dinner with lab… (err..quite worry with it, cos i’m going to be surrounded with lab mates -which is koreans- then used to go to drink after the dinner…err err… wish i could go back earlier, cos i haven’t packing!!

Left taks :
– this presentation homework
– (if it’s possible, i want to continue) my cloth simulation
– PACKING!!.. less than 48 hours left…n i still not prepare for it 😦 So blessed i have friends there…

Okay.. i made decission, just like yesterday, i’ll sleep first for a while, then woke up early! today I won agains my “morning-me”…hoho i arrived at around 5AM ^ ^
Hmmm tomorrow gotta be better!!

Oyasumi…G’nait…n have a nice snowy time ^ ^
* still dreaming for a white xmas…. will it be??? hihihi let’s see *


2 thoughts on “Coffee’s competitor

  1. Selamat! buat research nya n buat keberhasilan bangun paginya!! hihihi.
    Btw, saya jg suka susu pisaaaang, di sini gua beli yg merk Campina, enyak banget 😀

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