Longest Night

Wait, it’s not a song, nor in mello mode on ^ ^ but it’s true..Yesterday (Sun, Dec 21 08) was the longest night (or the shortest day time) in Korea. Actually it’s my first time to hear it…I thought it’s just a word in the lyric…

It’s gonna be a looong…. long long night…
*suddenly that lyric splashs on my mind, but dunno who’s the sinnger…corrs may be..*

So, the longest day in here is called DongJi (동지), I heard it in the church, when the preacher said (and of course translated with our friend -who just have a new cute hair cut^^-) that today korean use to eat a small egg-shaped rice-cake ball that put into the red bean soup (or could be said DongJi Patjuk 동지 팟죽 ) as many as their age ^ ^ .. Imagine those who are >50 years old hahaha *joke from the preacher :P*

Taken from KoreaTimes

Taken from KoreaTimes

Well, this day is also called a little new year (source from lifeinkorea dot com) and the tradition of preparing this soup, become an interesting activities for foreigner.
But unfortunately i was late to know about it..may be next year i’ll try 🙂

If it’s the longest night, then from today the night time will be less than before *yes*, i don’t like if the night time is longer than day time… Yesterday when i saw outside at 5PM, it felt like 7PM… and 7AM still feel like 5AM (see no wonder lately i woke up late ^ ^ *try to find an alibi kkk*)

And for me, this longest night day i spent with SLEEP hihiih.. ^ ^ and i had a nice sleep 🙂

More detail about this day, can be seen in here (nice summary i guess 🙂 )

No wonder it’s my first time to see the lowest temperature in  a day is at 9am.. Now is around -6C, and it will -8C at 9am *wow*

It’s monday…
Have a nice monday 😀
Have a good starting day of the week
And have a good holiday season ^ ^

(though i still have to finish there 2 homeworks hihii – octopus still alive-)


6 thoughts on “Longest Night

  1. @ ci wil
    hohoho..it’s snowing now ^ ^ spring..here i come hihi
    tengkyu ci wil

    @ sanz
    onde kan gede buu

    @ ci viol
    hehehe… jadi pengen makan onde neeee

    @ pitshu
    na itu diaaa…daku pengen tuu..onde kecil2 warna warni kenyal kenyal, dalemnya ada isi kacang2 dikit gituh, ga tau apaa, lalu aer jahe…
    doh lengkap banget see…mana di sini lagi dingin, plus snowing ^ ^
    nongkrong di cafe makan itu enak de kayaknyaaaa… itu namanya apa ya?? anget2 ituh jahe n onde2 kecil ituuu…coba coba..tulung yang tau namanyaa… bukan sekoteng pastinya… *doh jadi pengen stmj jugaaa 😦 *
    (di dps ada tempat makan ini enakkk di daerah imam bonjol sanahhh aaa..jadi pengennnn)

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