One word to describe how i feel today… I woke up late 😦 it’s 6.54AM now in lab.. and all the things still on my mind bout today.
homework, presentation, the play, my presentation to seniors, and the dinner…also my preparation…

Dear G, may all Ur will be done.. If i should pass it with my own, i won’t be able to do it…
I’ll do my best…not for me, nor for others. But for U, so i can give my best.
please help me to focus… and take care of my own self…
If something happened not as my expectation, teach me to accept it.

Riding a bike on a snowy road this morning, gave me strength…thnx for that..
It taught me not to be hurry, slowly but sure, as long as i don’t fall down…

Wish everything will be ok.

Have a good day~~


7 thoughts on “Worry

  1. Don’t worry too much..

    One had given me these words :

    The pencil maker told his pencils 5 lessons :

    1. Everything you do, will always leave a mark
    2. You can always correct your mistakes
    3. What important is inside you
    4. In life, you’ll need painful sharpening that’ll make you a better pencil
    5. You can be the best pencil if you allow yourself to be guided by The Hand that holds you.

    It works for me 🙂

    Hope it works for you too :))

  2. @ wenny
    makasi makasi….

    @ ci viol
    haik…do my best till the end…

    @ pitshu
    thank you pit…merry xmas tooo

    @ yz
    no snow in here hihihi…pie barce???
    thank you thank you…

    @ c ceemot
    maaci maaci..it gives me strength…

    @ all
    merry xmas yaaaa semuanya..daku pengen banget post merry xmas…tapi ga bisa hix hix…
    cos ini pake komp temen di jepun…n somehow…link new postnya ga bekerja…
    ini jg login nya setelah coba beberapa kali..karena baru ngeh..kalo setting keyboardnya beda…
    jadi passwordnya salah mulu hiihhi


    to all…merry xmass….
    daku banyak cerita, tapi belum bisa cerita sekarang hohoo
    wokeh…wish u have a wonderful holiday.

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