In the crowd

This year i spent my old n new quite different from previous years… I put my self in the crowd ^ ^ the thing that I didn’t use to do before ^ ^


I had dinner with friends in MyeongDong, and had Crepes.. We had great dinner ^ ^ (too much actually for me :D) And after that, some friends went back to dorm, while me and others continued for the next round πŸ˜€

Unfortunately it was terribly cold outside, so we decided to wait for the countdown in Dunkin, which means, i ordered Hot Choco hihihi….around 11pm.. er started to go out again… and lucky cos there were so many people..i felt warmer at least.

When i said so many, it means sooooo many..cos not only people who want to countdown in Jongak, but also some demonstrants hahaha…so it was totally crowded…plus the polices.. Wow… They also brought flags to protest the president..

Some pics of the crowd



But I enjoyed it ^ ^
(video of the countdown will be uploaded, it was so interesting πŸ™‚ )


I arrived at dorm around 1AM, and set alarm to wake up in the morning, to say hi to the first sunrise ^ ^ My friend told me, it’s a culture in here to see the first sunrise of the new year… *wow, cool*, since i love it, so i join her too πŸ˜€ at first we wanted to go to the beach, but it was too far.. plus it’s gonna be colder and windy… moreover my condition still not fully recovered (yeah..gotta bad flu, and still tired a bit..but it didn’t stop me to see the sunrise ^ ^ )

So we decided to go to Namsan Tower

We checked the sunrise will be 7.46AM, so we arranged to meet in the station at 6.40AM..

I woke up around 5.45AM, and quickly went to the subway πŸ˜€ and i was surprised… cos to get the bus, we had to take the queue… *wow another crowd* and in the bus it was so crowded too…but lucky we got a seat :D. My friend came with her boyfriend…

But it was nothing….When we arrived in Namsan, i was more surprised… there were so many people had been there while we arrived… *wow, what time did they arrive there??*

another pictures of the crowd

r-img_2420 r-img_2419

see some people already took their place on the tree.. wow wow n wow…and don’t ask bout the was cold…around -8 or -9 i guess…
But i was lucky to go there with my friend…they brought kimbab for breakfast hihihi… and after the watching sunrise, I got sandwich and warm water…What a perfect ^ ^

After went up and finally decided to go down again, cos we didn’t get a good spot…finally we satisfied by sneaking the sunrise that blocked with the big tree…but still we could see the beauty of the sun that slowly appear from the red sky untill the full sun…it was beautiful.

and i took the pic like every second hahhaa…

r-img_2464 r-img_2469 r-img_2480
r-img_2487 r-img_2505 r-img_2513

Wish you have a great new year

μƒˆ ν•΄ 볡 많이 λ°›μœΌμ„Έμš”~~~

A ya…Korean used to have Ttok soup for the new year…and lucky me, cosΒ  i had my special Ttok soup from my friend’s mom in Japan ^ ^ it’s nyummy~~

Hihihi oks then…last pic of the day ^ ^
r-img_2539 *my 03-x*


8 thoughts on “In the crowd

  1. Hepi New-Year yaaa…
    Ditunggu resolusinya.. Ha..ha..
    Duuh.. ibu yang satu ini emang gemar berfoto2 ria… What a nice picture.. Matahari pertama 2009.. Ho.ho..
    Mooo… Emangnya taon ini taon sapi ye ???

  2. Happy New Year ta!!

    Kirain bakal tahun baruan di Japan.

    ta, itu foto yang terakhir pipinya chubby ya. :p

    taon kerbau nya baru mulai nanti tanggal 26-Jan-2009.
    Katanya sih “tahun kerja keras”. 😦

  3. happy new year ta! πŸ˜€
    gua sih lebih suka liat sunset terakhir ya, daripada sunrise pertama, abisnya kan tidur malam.. gimana bangunnya?? πŸ˜›

  4. @ aw
    waaaa ditagih pr….siap bos..segera dilaksanaken *minggu depan yaa – nawar hihi*

    kan daku belajar dari dikau biar juari hahaha…errr..sebenernya taon kebo si hihihi mari disamakan dikit kebo ama sapi πŸ˜›

    @ ci wil
    huahuaha…abis ga rela situ doang yang nge-crepes πŸ˜›
    waaa hp nya kudu diupdate tu ci wil haha biar bisa terima sapu lidi πŸ˜€

    @ jambinese
    hehe happy new year juga ya to πŸ™‚
    huahua…iya neee…ke jepun banyak wisata kuliner si hihi…iya ya kudunya liat sunrise di negeri matahari terbit ya πŸ˜› ah tapi holidaynya ntar kepanjangan, susa buat balik ke dunia nyata hihi

    @ ci viol
    happy new year juga ci~~
    hahaha sekarang saya mengerti kenapa lebih banyak yang liat sunset terakhir di indo πŸ˜€ (termasuk sayah haha)

    @ ci pit
    iyahhh happy new year jugaaa…kartunya da nyampe lom yaaa….

    @ pitshu
    Happy new year juga pit~~ waaa itu susaaaa…. *tapi diusahaken deee, tapi dikit aja yaaa…haha nawar dulu :P*
    amin…mari berjuang lebih keras taon ini untuk mencapai taon yang lebih baek πŸ™‚

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