Little France

Lil bit flash back to last month…..

Dec 14th 08 (Sunday)

It’s just 2 months before i posted about this place… And finally i went there today..
At first we were planned only 3 of us… me mayumi n deb…but at last, it became a big group of 11 people hahaha… and unfortunately i was the tour leader..but somehow i enjoyed it…organized a thing for people πŸ™‚

So I searched for the transportation to go there… whether by train or bus. Thnx a lot to μ–Έλ‹ˆ (read onni, mean older sister) for helping me to find about it. After thought about this n that… we decided to go there by bus, cos the train schedule quite unmatched with the shuttle bus schedule.

And finally we went to Pettite France ^ ^

We gathered in μ²­λŸ‰λ¦¬μ—­ (CheongYangI subway station) to take the bus to λŒ€μ„±λ¦¬μ—­ (DaeSongRi station).Β  Actually i was a bit worry, whether we could take the 10.35 shuttle bus fron DaeSongRi station to Pettite France or not…cos it said that it will take around 100 minutes to go there… So we met in CheongYangI at 9am)

From there we took a bus to DaeSongRi station…and it just took for (less than) an hour… cos there was no traffic jam.. and everything ran smooth. And it means, we had to wait there ^ ^

Pettite France Bus

Pettite France Bus

When we saw the shuttle bus around 10am we ran to catch that hihi….but when we got the shuttle bus, the driver said the bus will go at 10.35… hoho so we walked around while waiting for the bus to go.

And took some pictures of course ^ ^

And finally we arrived in Pettite France on lunch time… bought a ticket for 8000 won… and decided to have lunch before we started the sightseeing.

There was (only) 1 korean buffet restaurant, which called Bistro… hmm i was thinking, may be they should provide some european meals too for lunch πŸ˜› and it’s quite expensive…around 9000 won (if i’m not mistaken) but it’s buffet, so we can take as much as u want…
hmmm for the meal, it was so so… there was no dessert… well actually they provided ice cream, but it’s not in part of the buffet (too bad)

After lunch, we started our trip πŸ™‚ Went here and there…took pictures… wathced the small concert (nice one) and had a snack (waffle and coffee ^ ^)

Well, i enjoyed this trip, especially we went there in a big group like this…and it’s a multiculture group hihi (1 iranian, 2 japanese, 1 chinese, 1 korean, 1 singaporean, 2 thai, 3 indonesian ^ ^). Language?? we mixed it up :D, korean – english – indonesian hihihihi… it was great πŸ™‚

we were lucky too, cos the sky was so bright, so we could take a nice pic, but don’t trust the sunlight…. it was cold and windy… But the show must go on hohoho….

I like the environment there.

Hmmm i think i’ll go there again this spring ^ ^

More pictures in here.


4 thoughts on “Little France

  1. @ adhiwin
    Hahaha… going Europe wanna be ^ ^ *someday ^ ^*

    @ Equinox
    호호 κ³ λ§ˆμ›Œμš”~~ 담에 λ‹€μ‹œ λ‹€ 같이 κ°€μž~~~

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