2008 checklist

* a ya…the octopus mode has switched off^ ^*

Last year I posted about my resolutions for 2008…as i tried to look again those lists, i felt so blessed, and i think to write down our resolutions is one of the good way to see how God had led me through a year…

It’s not just my wishes, but to look back how many blessing that I got is another great thing…

1. Dad’s eye get better…
=> thnx God, though dad couldn’t have the surgery, but the laser ran well, so at least i didn’t get worse 🙂 And till now dad still amazing…last time when mom n dad went to check dad’s condition. The doctor was surprised about dad’s condition….his heart only work for 15% but he’s so strong… can go here and there, do this n that… Thnx G for ur power through Him…if not because of You..it’s all impossible ^ ^

2. Save more money to fund all the preparation… 
=> Thnx G i could fund my departure well…though it made nothing left in my account hihi

3. (short term) all the administrative preparation run well..
=> Thnx G, all the preparations to come here (Seoul) ran well… the airport things… everything ran so smooth..

4. (short term) non administrative things can be packed well, nothing’s left ^^
=> well though packing thing still unmanaged well (wish could learn from ci wil how to manage it well kkkk) But everything ran well..Another thnx G for this 🙂

5. Everything relate with it run well… at least arrive there safely
=> Not only arrived safely…but also there were friends who picked me up in the airport, also i got friend from the same flight… It was more than i expected ^ ^ Thnx G

6. Saving saving and saving !!! it is a must !!!
hmm this thing, i still can’t do well… cos felt like every month there was always unpredictable thing that made me spent more money (include my last travelling hihi) But i thank G for giving me those blessings 🙂
Well i think i’m not good in saving 😦 Gotta be the resolution for this year!

7. Playing with snow ^^ (fun fun thing :D)
=> I had my first snow on Feb 25 ^ ^ *the benefit of taking pictures (almost) every moment hihi* And i had fun with it…and finally i had my snowman last month with friends ^ ^ Thnx G for the blessings~~

8. Well adjustment to new season…
=> slowly but sure i started to enjoy to live in this 4 seasons country ^ ^ And i’ve experienced all *yihaa* which means it’s been almost a year *what a time*..and i like winter because of the snow ^ ^ then autumn, spring and summer hihiThnx G for these seasons

9. Well adjustment to new culture, environment
=> hmm what i got is beyond i expected… Thnx G… cos it’s not only adjusted, but i could experience more things that i expetected… I got wonderful environment from the native, the Indonesian and other foreigners..

10. Attend my bro’s wedding, and hope all the process runs well )
=> Thnx G everything ran well… I could meet my fam ^ ^.. and i was changed just for that day.. Princess Tita hahaha…

11. Able to speak with the natives, at least 75% able to hear and answer standard conversation… plus faster written in Hangeul D
=> Err err…this one I still dunno how to measure… but somehow, i felt my korean skill is better compared with the first time when i came here *of course it has to be!!!*. But when i tried to compare with ci wil n wina that I met last month…err err… They spoke Japanese so fluent…
Gotta learn Korean harder  hihihi…파이팅 ^ ^
Hmmm may be taking TOPIK could be added to this year’s resolution :p

12. Able to study well (I do really wish there won’t be grade C ^^) – gotta give the best for it –
=> Thnx G…so far there’s no C .. I do really thank U for this… cos i know, it’s all happened because of ur help.. Gotta be better for this year!

13. Visit some new places, not just stuck in campus area… (and take some pictures of courseeee ^^)
=> Hohooh…can’t count how much blessed that I got for this thing…Thnx G for giving me this great experiences ^ ^

14. Fund my parents to visit me, (if it’s possible, enjoying the white xmas together) hohoho.. => the biggest wish D
=> Err err…still not able to do it, since i’m so bad in saving 😦 Sorry dad n mom 😦
Lil sad when read this wish… BUT i didn’t regret it…cos i spent my xmas with wonderful family 🙂 *really can’t forget this moment* I’m so thank U for giving me this chance to be in the middle of this family.. Felt so blessed…
I wish cards that I sent to home can arrive in this week…

I can’t stop to say thnx G when i tried to look back like this.. What I got is much more than I wishes.. I found 2 families that made me feel home last year…

The first one is HaeYeong’s fam, I still remember the SamGyeTang that her mom made for me after the Mud Festival.. It’s so warm, and gave me strength after playing whole day 🙂 Arrived at her home, had dinner together with YuJin…had ice cream on summer day…then watched TV together..
I remember that night rain was coming… HaeYoung turned on the peaceful music, and we talked a lot.. Did u meet PeterPan that night?? ^ ^ Wonderful memory~~~Thnx to her mom for the nyummy meals, thnx to her n YuJin for that day 🙂

The second one is Mayumi’s fam. Everytime my friends asked me about my experience in Japan, I never stop to tell about this wonderful family.. I was so touch with her fam..Her mom n dad treated me so well, not only that, even I got presents from them.. I couldn’t stop to say thnx to them.. Thnx a lot for her parents.
Also thnx a lot to her, for inviting me like that… It was unforgettable memory.. Also her sisters, I was surprised with their creativity.. It was awesome. I think thnx is not enough to express my gratitute.. And the most special is the Rice Cake soup on my last day in her home~~ Thnx a lot for taking care of me.

I thank God for all things that I could experienced till now…
Lot of my dreams came true last year, and it means, i have to set higher dreams for this year.
Many kindness that i got last year, and it means i have to share more this year.
I experienced hard times also, but i thanked G for accompany me through all the hard times…

Thnx to mom n dad for keep supporting me..
anytime when i found life was so hard, u always be there for me.
Support me with ur prayers..
Thnx G for giving me praying parents like them..
Without their prayers, their supports, i don’t think i can pass it all~~

Thnx God for everything.
May i could be better child for you this year..
I believe that U always lead me anytime anywhere
it’s just me that want to listen to Ur guide, or keep being a bad child
Thnx for teaching me to learn from everything.
though sometime things didn’t happen like what i expected
but Ur plan always lead me into something bigger.

Thnx G.

*resolution for this year?? soon ^ ^*
A ya thnx for bloggers for supporting me ^ ^
Sometime when i got down, there’s always someone pop up with their support.
It’s so meaningful for me.
Thnx for sharing….

Haiya..at first i just wanted to checklist, but it becomes a long post hihi…
Anyway thnx for being there ^ ^


5 thoughts on “2008 checklist

  1. 이런 긍정적인 글을 읽고 나서 맘이 참 따뜻해졌어.
    2009년도 원하는 모든 소원을 이루길 바래.

  2. @ pitshu
    hihihi…err errr….kalo kata pepatah kan sekali dayung 2 3 pulau terlampaui 😀

    @ equinox
    고마워요 ^ ^
    equinox씨도 2009년에 wish u reach for ur dream and resolution 만들자~~~ ^ ^

    @ ceemot
    err err… percentasenya masi belon ditentukan huahuahua

    @ adhiwin..
    hihi maaci…dikau jugaaaa ayo buat hihi

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