Resolution in 2009

Hmmm as i tried to read again, now i get confuse between resolution and wish list ㅋㅋㅋ so what’s the difference??

well anyway, wish list or resolution, for me is the same :p for me this list is the things that i want to reach in this year, and gonna be my checklist for the next year, and see how far i’ve been led through a year ^ ^

Last year there were 14 points, with several fulfilled and several not (cos of my bad anyway…) so let’s see how many will it be for this year 😀

The list :

  1. I want to give something for the lab, at least 1 paper
    well, anyhow i should have 1 paper to graduate, also gonna prepare my thesis
  2. Wish i could have my thesis defense end of this year (somehow i’m worry to think about it)
  3. Wish i could maintain my GPA 😐 at least still > 4 of  4.5
  4. SAVING!! 14th list from last year is still…
  5. Funding my parents to come here.. *I really wish i could* (it’s still from last year’s list)
  6. Wish i could join the choir again
  7. Wish i could participate in social works, something like blood donation, or helping others (though i might not have enough fund, but i wish i could help with my self, visit them, directly help…just a wish)
  8. Hmmm i’m thinking to take TOP*K, but still not sure…
  9. To visit new country/countries ^ ^
  10. Hmm, (for the very short term wish), since it’s winter.. Wish i could visit the ski resort, and play snowboard / ski 😛
  11. Start to find a job??? *hmmm, really have no direction for this*
  12. Wake up earlier, and have more time in the morning
  13. Healthy life (err err…try my best to minimize pringi doze :P)
  14. Less late record to go to lab… well actually it’s not a strict thing, but still i want to be there earlier.
    To check on it, i keep noting the time when i arrive at lab.
  15. Visit new places (might be in seoul or out of seoul :D)
  16. Hmm hmmm if it’s possible hihihi…err err… meet the prince ??? hmm hmm hihihi…bole dunk make a wish :*>

Well, it’s not sorted by priority, it’s just sorted by what’s pop up in my sleepy-head now ㅋㅋㅋ. I tried my best to recall my thought, since i’ve thinking about it for a week, but always forgot to note it.

On top of all, I wish U can help me to put U in my first priority… Theoritically it’s easy, but sometime when something happen, i should ask for Ur help to listen to Ur will.
Please teach me to say, let Ur will be done, not mine. Teach me to lean on U
Please teach me to be aware, to be sensitive to Ur words, to obey and to listen.
And please teach me to appreaciate the process, to learn something step by step.
For something good can’t be happened in just a second, but it takes time.

Looks like i’m still self-centered huh…from those list, only around 2 that relate with giving, the rest is like for self-improvement (since i have a bad habbit 😦 ) and self-achievement (want this and that)

That’s all i guess… I just feel this year gonna be tough for me, since it’s gonna be my 3rd n 4th semester, and also if i want to join the project, language is the main problem. I don’t wanna be a burden for other lab mates 😐 (now i think i really have to take that Top*k).
So it’s not only study for the class, but also the language, and prepare for the research!
It’s not easy, but it doesn’t mean impossible.
Gotta face my giant with faith bravely.

Dear G, i give u my 2009 in Ur hand.
May U lead me, and teach me to see n obey Ur lead well.

Fyuh finally i made it ^ ^


6 thoughts on “Resolution in 2009

  1. a wish can be fulfilled by others but a resolution can only be fulfilled by the person who makes it, i think.

    there are a lot of things to achieve for you this year but i believe you can do it. u go girl 😀

    back to writing my essay. pulling my hair off again writing in korean ><

  2. @ equinox
    nice thought ^ ^ gotta try hard to reach it out!
    thank u 🙂 go-go u-go-girl ^ ^
    Good luck with the essay hohoho

    @ pitshu
    huahuahua…. kan bilangnya visit pit…belon tentu pindah looo, bisa aja jalan2 kan termasuk visit jugaaa

    @ aw
    Ayooo dikau juga buat! hihihi
    aza aza ^ ^

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