After the frozen clothes…

Still remember how i almost broke up my clothes… well interesting experience. But this shocking winter experience doesn’t stop there..

Jan 12, 2009 (Monday)

After had a great freezing weekend, i ate too much :(. As usual this monday morning, i woke up lil bit late, around 8.20am…hmmm still try my best to fix it.. And this day i should wash my hair..

Everything ran normal… I finished almost 9…n cos of lack of time (well again used to be like this 😦 ) i didn’t dry up my hair with dryer (as usual). Actually i prefer my hair to be dried naturally instead of using hair dryer..

The Pond in Spring

The Pond in Spring

Then i went to car pool, to have a ride till in front of the lab *gee the weather was freezing*, lucky me ^ ^ Just when i arrived in the car pool, I got a ride. Stopped in front of the frozen pond… then walked to lab.
Yups…the pond in front of lab was frozen… (no wonder..after around -8 on saturday and -10 on sunday)

And today, the weather was still freezing (even the weather forecast said it will be warmer 😦 )… what a freezing the wind made it perfect!

Walked from the pond till the building… tried to fix my hair *cos of the wind*
But… woops… what happen.. My hair was stiff!! O mai gat… and stupid me, i tried to bend it 😐 *crack* haiyaa. lucky i didn’t break it..fyuh.. so i fasten my walk to the building.. In the elevator (good, they have big mirror in it:P) i tried to fix some un-frozen part… and let the frozen like that, instead of fix it 😐
when i arrived in my desk, directly asked my friend about the temperature…and no was -10C haiyaaa… by the time my hair “melted” n finally can fix it up normally

Lesson of the day :
Never go out with wet hair in winter time!!

Hmmm, it’s 2AM now, just finished to take clothes from washing machine and get ready to sleep ^^… wish i could wake up early tomorrow, cos it’s time to wash my hair… and i rather use hair dryer tomorrow hihihi..



4 thoughts on “After the frozen clothes…

  1. @ yz : i did!!! ga masuk angin kok hehehe untungnya…

    the same thing happened to me last sunday….hahaha….untung ga patah yah ta rambut tapi kalo bisa patah kan lumayan tuh bisa motong rambut tanpa gunting :p

  2. @ yz
    hoho…kan tak tau loooo
    untung ga masup angin

    @ pitshu
    Belon!!! ini angin dingin masi merajalela

    @ sanz
    good i have a friend hihi
    kamsya deee hahaha gua emang pengen potong nee…tapi ga mo pake cara dipatahin 😛

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