Thanks God

Plan to get up early was fail 😦 well if it compared with days before actually it’s better…but still not as early as i wished.. Plus headache 😦

Last nite i was worry for today..Cos i’ll have a group meeting in the morning, and not even 1 idea splashed on my mind 😦 that’s why i planned to wake up earlier…
But what happen ?? I woke up not as early as i wished plus headache 😦 … N finally i officially woke up at 7.45AM hihi…then checked the weather forecast and it said SNOW outside… So i directly looked outside and it’s all WHITE~~ Huaa… happy happy ^ ^
So  i directly took a bath and prepared…and went out of my room happily ^ ^

Thnx G for brighten up my day with the snow..
Till now, i can’t say i hate winter cos i love SNOW ^ ^

Finally after freezing days this week…hmm let’s see..
Mon : -10.3C
Tue : -8.3C
Wed : -7.9C
Thurs : -10.4C
today : -4.3C
hohoho… finally… it’s snowing 🙂
for me, even though it’s cold, if it’s snowing then it will be ok ^ ^

N today i talked with my friend about this snowy day… She said “u like a young girl” haha…I am! :p cos when it’s snowing she will think about the traffic jam, while me…. in the other side, when it’s snowing, it makes me happier ^ ^

Thnx G for this day…
tomorrow… wish gonna be alrite 🙂 hohoho

have a nice weekend~~


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