Weekend Story

Last weekend I had great time with friends…Weekend that full with eat, eat n eat… my words that i’ll have a diet after going back from japan is not working hahaha…After had nyummy meals in Japan, i missed meal in here, and it made me eat more hahaha…

4 of usSo last saturday, before had a buffet, (cos i was too hungry) i had ramyeon (instant noodle)..and met my friend, n we had buffet… And of course I ate a lot hahaha… 3 rounds :p.
It’s not finished….after spent 3 hours in that restaurant, I went to meet other friends and we had dinner again…AND still not finish hahaha… After dinner we went to Coffee Bean, and I had the coffee PLUS cheese cake… (OMG)…well anyway we shared the cheese cake loo

Sunday was as great as saturday, which means i ate a lot (again)
As usual had lunch with friends in church, then english class. But this day was special, because we’re going to spend more time with foreign group…
So after the class, we went to the cinema (finally!!! it’s my first time to go to cinema here hhahaa) watched transporter 3. And for me watching movie in cinema is not complete without POPCORN :p…suddenly remember my habit when i went to cinema in Jkt…i always ordered 2 popcorn and asked more for butter (ckckckck)
Though we ordered the small one, popcorn size in here is big hihi (i like that :P) and I finished almost 1 😛 since my friend didn’t eat it a lot 😀 (alibi hihi)
After the movie, we went to have SamGyeopSal a.k.a we baked the piggy piggy meat with lot of fat in it hihi..but it’s nyummy :P..
So that’s my last weekend story that full with eat eat n eat…

This weekend??
Hmmm actually one resolution might be fulfilled this weekend… well 90% since everything had prepared.. 10% is for the unexpectable things. N lil bit worry bout it… i just can wish everything will be ok and save for it… since i heard a lot of bad things about it too…cos it’s dangerous thing… But i really want to do it too…

So i’ll take that risk! Wish everything will be fine n safe ^ ^

Huff..miss the last weekend already…2 friends will go back this week..
Miss u galz~~~ Frenz porepaa~~


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