Part of me

Actually i want to title it “It’s not me” but anyway it’s still me.. me myself and me… it’s just me..

Well, let’s say these days are not my days. Don’t know why i became so lazy, so sensitive, spiritless.. Why?? I don’t know the answer too…wish i could know, so i can fix it..Just weird…

I think it’s since 2 days ago…felt like so emotion. Lil thing can mess up my mood felt like wanna angry but dunno whom.. no reason.. just felt like that..
And still going on till yesterday… Yesterday i couldn’t concentrate at all.. tried to read some papers, but the result was none.. Nothing i summarized yesterday 😦
Some lil things that others did, though i knew it’s nothing, but somehow it bothered me 😦 I think the normal me wont be this emotion 😐
Lucky yesterday my friend came with good news that cheered me up lil bit… we talked this n that…and after that i felt so tired.. tired of everything, then slept like a dead.. felt like no more power to wake up..
Even if i knew i had to wake up for a while, at least to change, turn off the notebook and charge my mobile.. But the result was none of it was done… N had a weird dream.. dunno…

Today…quite the same i guess… or lil bit better la..
Though this day wasn’t started well (since i forgot to bring my milk that i’ve put out from the refrigerator.. but stupid me, i forgot 😦 Still hard to concentrate…

And know what…even I couldn’t decided a simple thing… 😦 just to set up a simple plan, felt so hard to decide. Also for my lunch i didn’t know which menu should i chose… Haiyaa…what’s wrong with me?!?!
To feel lil bit better, I changed my song playlist, so this afternoon Avril, Kelly, Maksim (in this time i like to hear the flight of bumblebee.. when the crazy notes played.. mess but tidy.. ) n other not-so-me songs..

Hmmm..still dunno what’s wrong..
On my way back to dorm, i kept thinking in subway.. why i felt so emotional, sensitive… hix.. not so me looo…gotta recover soon.. then *ouch* someone stepped over my foot unintentionally cos the train moved suddenly…. AND IT HURTS!!! but somehow, that woke me up from my thought… though still dunno the reason, but at least I’m thinking bout the pain for a while…

Well.. wish I recover soon, and another good part of me reveals soon…


2 thoughts on “Part of me

  1. feel the same taaa……
    three days in a row, and almost doing nothing….. (and all the deadlines get closer and closer…..)
    hope we will recover soon…….

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