Lucky or ??

Back to 2008… the hactic day before i went to Japan..

Finally i could passed dec 23 … 6 things that i worried…at least now it’s gone.

1. homework => finally i didn’t give any revision from previous homework. Felt so guilty about it. Cos i didn’t give my best on it. Wish i could make a good cloth someday…
2. presentation => hmm fortunately the lecturer didn’t point me to present. let’s count it as lucky
3. the play => well, i didn’t know whether it ran well or not, but i think it’s not to good 😐 i think it’s cos of me..yeah i’m not good in acting. well at least it’s already passed.. after the play i directly went to lab so i missed the last photo session.
4. my presentation to seniors => hmmm at least i gave my best on it.. though finally i figured out that my idea quite the same with another published paper :|. It means FIND ANOTHER TOPIC!
5. the dinner => hmm… we had shabu-shabu. It was delicious, and i was so glad to meet some labmates that already worked outside our lab. Especially 2 seniors that helped me a lot in my first semester. I do really thank them..
6. my traveling preparation => well, at least i didn’t miss my flight :P(try to see from other point of view)

Let’s see what’s going on…

As u know i was going to go on Dec 24, and till Dec 23 I haven’t finished to pack, well actually not even started it *not-so-ci-wil-thing :P* I was planning to pack on Dec 23 after the dinner. But nobody knows what could be happen…

Dec 23, as usual, the tradition here, there’s always be  the next round after the dinner. So after had our dinner, we went to 호프 (Hof).. N since i knew that i’m not in a good condition, i didn’t drink a lot too. And i’ve told my senior that I might go back early (till around 12AM, yeah that counts as early).. But what happend in real was… I arrived at dorm at 3AM (of course on the next day).

It means…I’m going to Jpn on Dec 24, but still not packing at all on the same day… What the..

And not only that, i felt lil bit under the weather… Since it’s been too late to pack up, so i decided to sleep and wake up earlier, try to pack some. But what happen was, i felt so cold that time, even though the room was warm, I hide under my blanket, but i was still shaking, felt so cold.. O M G.. I got a fever.. PERFECT!

I took a pill then pushed my self to sleep. I had to sleep. Cos I just had rows of lack-of-sleep-days too. I shouldn’t not be sick!

In the morning, I tried to wake up, but i couldn’t. Still felt not in a good condition. I worried cos this evening i’m going to go, but i still not started to pack yet. And i had no power to wake up :|.. So i slept again. And finally woke up around 11AM, it’s also because i should have my lunch, otherwise i might be worse.Arrived at lab almost 12, and met the others on their way to have lunch outside. So i followed them. Lucky I had soup for my lunch, so it could warmed me a bit. I couldn’t eat a lot, but i pushed my self to eat. I had to eat, i should not be sick!

After the lunch, I finished to write some cards…and then sent it ^ ^
Glad to know it arrived well.

My flight was aroudn 7PM, so i should be in the airport around 5PM, means i should go from dorm around 4PM. And when i finished my lunch and cards that was around 1 or 2PM. And i had not started to pack yet.

When i arrived in my room to pack, it was around 2.30PM but i felt too tired, so powerless. Felt like if I pushed my self, i might feel that “sleep” again (or some said faint). And i don’t want that! So I set alarm, tried to sleep around 10minutes. But i won against the alarm, which means i turned it off 😀
And lucky my friend called to my room at 3PM. So i woken up. *can’t imagine if my friend didin’t call me, i might be sleep till 4 :p*
So in 1 hour i packed my stuff…put this and that. And finally finished it..fyuh.. but i felt so weak..and wanted to sleep n sleep n sleep… I took a bus around 4PM.. and since my friend told me it will be around 40 minutes to go to the airport. So I set my alarm again into 35 minutes. For just in case.. Then I slept..

When i woke up..the alarm still not sounds yet.. But when i looked outside, hmm it looks like the airport. But my alarm still not sounds yet. Then someone stopped there, and took her luggage.. Then the door was closed and the bus moved.
WHAT?!?! It’s the airport, and that’s the departure terminal. So i asked the driver, where should i stop if i want to go to Jpn.. and he said HERE… Kyaaa… lucky he could stop his car couple of meters after previous stop. Fyuuuh… Took my luggage and ready for check in.
But i still felt so weak.. felt like want to sleep again 😦 So i sat on my bag… tried not to stand up too long. Check in finish..Fyuh… Then i had my dinner with fried chicken and hot choco..

And then goooooooooooo~~~~
what did i do on the plane? Of course SLEEP ^ ^

when i arrived in Haneda, mayumi n her fam welcomed me…n that welcome board really surprised me ^ ^ Thnx a lot ^ ^.. Her parents and sister picked me up in the airport, then we went together..
Err…actually in the car i almost vomit..cos my condition wasn’t really good. But lucky we stopped in the nearby convenient store to buy some stuffs.. So i could have a fresh air. Thnx G…

Dec 24th… What a blessed day.. I believe that if He didn’t help me, i’m not sure i could pass it all. Thnx G..

And the next days…I had great time 🙂 nice xmas party with mayumi’s fam n friends, and visited some nice places ^ ^

well..think back about that day, make me speechless.
I prepared my travelling thing. Just in 1 hour before i went to airport?!?!? err err… speechless..
Next time, don’t do that again ta!! gotta prepare better!

Stories while in there, will be posted not-soon 😀



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