Back to 2008 – Day 1

Back to 2008..

after feeling not so well in my departure day, and the unlucky me, that tnite my luggage key was broken.. so need to “tarzan-ize” screwdriver to my friend, since i don’t know what’s that in korean hihi..
Lucky my luggage could b opened with the help of that screwdriver..

Next day… the new day just begun..Merry Xmas ^ ^ It was Dec 25..

We woke up late.. I depended on the alarm in my mobile, to wake up me. I knew that my mobile wont work in other countries, so i brought it just to check the time or alarm
BUT, who knows..even the time couldn’t be updated…so it’s always 12.. what the??

Based on the short training that my friend’s dad told us how to set the hot water in the bathroom. I did the same thing… just like what he taught us..
BUT, my luck was not with me : ( it didn’t work. hix… I tried to look after my friend, but i think she was in the bathroom too, that house was empty : |.  Everybody just gone~~
So i took a bath with freezing water. Geeee…. at first i wanted to wash my hair, but i couldn’t stand with the water.. brrrrr… took a bath as fast as i could, also as clean as possible lo : P . n when i finished, finally i could find my friend hihi…and asked her, whether i could take another bathroom to wash my hair..
She was so sorry for that hihi, but it’s not her fault anyway.. but at least i could wash my hair with warm water hihi, so happy to feel that warm water after freezing shower time ^ ^

Since her house is like traditional japanese house (feel like in the movie), most of the door are sliding door, and so many doors hihi.. I got lost in the house one time : confusing~~ *try to find an alibi hihi*

we went to the nearby shop to buy some stuff for the xmas party at night (i heard it’s a culture in there to have xmas party with family. And there must be chicken in the menu ^^)
The nice thing in here is, we took a bike together.. Mayumi lead in front, then me in the 2nd and Hito-chan in the 3rd. It just feels good, going here n there using bike, with nice weather (errr but never trust the sunligt, it was cold that day)
I bought a lock for my luggage, and some xmas cards to be sent to bali ^ ^ since only that address that i remembered hihi..

After this and that, we bought disneyworld’s ticket for the next day, then had a lunch.

The unique one, we used (something like) vending machine to order the meals. I think it’s a good idea, it might reduce the crowd inside the restaurant, cos that meal vending machine was placed outside the restaurant.

After the lunch we went back home, by bike again ^^then went out again, to pick up my friend.. And on the way to the station, we stopped by in nearby looked so peaceful (in my opinion^^)

next story will be update not-so-soon 😀


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