Old Woman Progress

*old woman mode on*

Old woman?? err..at least that’s what i feel nowadays.. : (
Yeah cos I still have pain in my waist (or somewhere around there) or in indonesia the symptom called “encok!!” n i just found the translation in english is “lumbago”. And I used to call it old woman’s illness, and now here i am..with that condition : |

And it’s more complete now..cos yesterday i went out of seoul to see the festival with friends, and we played a lot hihi..and the stupid me, i forgot to take my cam n the tripod : ( which made me to run as fast as i could to take it back (cos i was worry if it’s lost huhuhu can’t imagine if i lost my lovely cam)
Well actually the activity just ran n ran, n walked here and there, took ice sliding on the frozen river…AND one more.. I fell down on the ice hihih *bug* i heard that sound *ouch*… my right cheekbone perfectly “bam” the ice.. *perfectly ouch*

But I had fun anyway ^ ^.. though now the lumbago (n sometime pain in thighbone) is accompanied with sore in my thigh n right cheekbone, n small bruise in right knee n right hip hahaha… perfect!
Totally feel like an old woman.. need more time to get up from the seat, to adjust seat position..haiyaaa… Gotta recover soon!!

Current condition :
– pain when sneezing *ouch* (especially when just wake up, cos i thought it’s gonna be ok, but suddenly hatchi n ouch) – now i know why “bless u” when sneezing is important xixi
– prefer to stand up in the train instead of sit down.
– need to find a comfortable sit position, it used to “cnut cnut”
– can’t do the 90degree bow down (with straight leg) huhuhu
– sore cos of yesterday’s activity xixixixi

Current assumption..
Lack of water cos it’s winter too, so pitshu said, need more water
Lack of stretching
Seat in a long time..

(dun wanna hear the scary assumption.. moreover surgery hiiiiiii don’t wanna imagine it : | ……nope! i’ll be better soon)

So instead of grumbling, I want to try to log the progress ^ ^

Today’s progress:
– finally drank 2.7l hahaha… (with one cup of coffee ^^)
– cos i drank a lot, means it increases the frequency to go to toilet..which means more movement xixi
– i didn’t take car to go to lab ^ ^, cos i saw an unoccupied-bike, so i just took it ^^
– put “koyo” or they said 파슀 (read paseu) or para-aminosalicylic acid in my waist n elbow

Well, let’s see tomorrow’s progress ^ ^
Wish i could wake up early, so i can walk to lab ^ ^ (instead of taking public van-car ^^)




6 thoughts on “Old Woman Progress

  1. wah iya, mgkn kurang olahraga. berenang gih, berenang! πŸ˜€
    yg cenut2 dikasi counterpain n koyo2 gitu harusnya sih membantu ya..
    smoga cepet baikan!

  2. di kereta emang kudu berdiri.. hihi.. dah banyakan duduk toh.. Ke kampus bisa naek bus? bukannya deket katanya kampus ya? kirain jalan kaki.. he he..
    smoga cepet sembuh.. mandi berendam di air anget.. πŸ™‚

  3. oh dear, it sounds like a bad fall. get well soon.
    saw your photos. must have enjoyed yourself.
    what a shame, the icicles on the waterwheel has melted.

  4. @ ci pit
    maunya siii berenang…tapi di manaaaaa
    iyahhh…tempel terussss…. maaci yak ^^

    @ ci wil
    hehehe pan kalo ada seat, ya duduk dunk πŸ˜€
    errr…itu bukan bus ci wil, jadi kayak van gituh, ada “car pool” buat ditumpangin dari gerbang depan ke dalem…
    errr ga jauh si, kalo jalan less than 10 menit juga sampe…cuma kadang cuaca kan tak bersahabat (cari alibi hahah)
    Maacii… *yah di sini kamar mandina kagak bisa dipake rendem2 :D*

    @ equinox
    yeah…but it’s worthed, since i had a great time ^^
    really great have a chance to go there in the last day :), took the slide and sleigh also motorbike… It was great ^ ^

  5. olah raga, nge gym yang penting ada yang gerak2 atau ikutin pitshu jingkrak2 enggak jelas selama 30 menit setiap hari wakakakaka…

    biar otot na gerak2 semua πŸ˜€
    atau jangan2 asam urat karena winter ?

  6. @ pitshu
    pengennya siii nge gym..tapi tiap ari balik malem da tepar : ( tapi semenjak banyak minum jadi lebih sering bulak balik wc kok..jadi lebih sering gerak..trus kan tiap pagi juga jalan ke lab 10-menit gituh…
    errr asam urat ya?? tapi ga ada makan aneh2 looo…

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