The mode still on

Yeah the mode still on…

Well at least today i feel better than yesterday.. (or it’s because of the muscle sore gets better kkkk) but anyway, it’s good la…

Today’s condition is quite the same with yesterday’s, just the sore is better ^ ^, some additional conditions (since i remember it, so i can see the progress ^ ^)
– it takes more time to wear the jeans : (
– it takes more time, to wear sock (well instead of bend on my knee right in front of my body, like i used to do, now bend it to the side will be helpfull : ) – like man’s sit position- )
– (when i walked) stepping with left foot, feel more *ouch* in my waist
– the “cnut cnut” in thigh’s bone still there… coming n going, usually when i took a sit : (

Hmmm still dunno till when, especially the waist (left back) will recover, let see ^ ^still use the same assumption.. 🙂
When i talked with my friend bout it, she suggest Korean hospital (instead of western-style hospital), which has acupuncture n other methods (hiyaaaa….noooooo… can’t imagine those needles get into my body)
But somehow the “koyo” or “pass” made me have better sleep ^ ^

So for those who can sleep well, walk well, sit well n to do anything well without any problem, be graceful hihihi…
(i’m thanking Him too for this :  ) cos i can appreciate those activities more : P  can wait for that time [doing this and that without *ouch*] to come ^ ^ )

Today’s effort n progress :
– 3.2 l (huray ^ ^ ) with 1 coffee n 1 milk ^^ (sounds stupid to log this drunk water, but let’s try ^^)
– (though it was late) i walked to lab ^^
– going to put the “koyo” again ^^




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