Feb 4th 08

Today’s condition :
– the bruise cos of falling down turn blue hahaha (lucky not the one in the cheek)
– Accumulation from previous posts still there.
– Err the pain gets lil bit worse

hoho it’s been 11days, anybody has experience with lower-back-pain for more than 1 week? cos i’m looking for suggestion ^ ^ Suggestion to make the pain gone is needed now hihihi

Today’s progress :
– i tried to figure out the name of this pain, usually just called “lower back pain”
– went to clinic in campus, n the doc said it’s not a serious one ^ ^ (but if it still pain till the next 3 days, time to check it more detail~)
– And the reason the title is “Yipppi” is because i got PAIN-KILLER hohoho….Yesss!! Dear pain, beware, cos this pill will kill u hahahaha
– (more than) 3.2l with 2 bottles of milk, n 1.5 glasses of coffee
– walked to lab
– n i figure out, after these 2 days,when  I turned my body to left when i slept (cos i couldn’t turn to right, cos i fell down in right side hihi) it felt better (just on sleeping time kk)

What i hate from having pills is i have to eat before taking the pill : (
But it’s ok, if this could ease the pain ^ ^, I already bought bread for tomorrow’s breakfast (usually just milk kkkk)

아차아차 파이팅 ^ ^

Time to have my pills and sleep~~



2 thoughts on “Yipppi~~

  1. last year i suffered quite a bad attack of lower back pain. just like u described, i’ve problem sleeping, standing and sitting. the pain lasted for abt 2 wks or so. when the pain was most severe, i couldn’t even walk. it feels like i m almost paralyzed. but until today, i didn’t know the cause of the pain.

    every night before i sleep, i would rub ointment on my back and massage it so as to warm it up before pasting on the ‘koyo’. to reduce the pain while i was sleeping, i inserted a small pillow between my lower back and the bed so as to maintain the spine’s natural curvature.

    during that period, i stopped myself from all cold drinks, fruits and anything that is cold or cool. i only took warm stuff. the pain slowly went away after the 2nd weeks. it was indeed an awful experience.

    if u r worried, i think it is better to see a western doctor first to ascertain that there is indeed nothing wrong with yr back. after that, traditional korean medical treatment can be quite helpful. acupuncture is actually not painful at all. the needle used is very fine and u won’t even know that one has been inserted. so don’t worry.

    get well soon.

  2. hok..can’t walk?? OMG…dun wanna till that serious : (
    Ok tonite i’ll put the ointment before put the “koyo” then try to put pillow also…

    after 2nd weeks..i’ll wait for that~~~ hohoho

    Thnx for ur sharing ^ ^

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