Bye bye minus

Before i used to grumble bout freezing weather, and it’s time to cheer up ^ ^ Cos nowadays the weather is getting warmer ^ ^ (Hmm I think i start to loose my standard of warm xixixix)

These 3 days, in the morning the temperature was around 3 or 4, and sometime it reached around 7 in a day time *hohohoho* (but the sad one, it means no snow : ( ). Anyway, thnk G cos the weather is not as freezing as before and finally i can enjoy the wind again ^ ^.
Is it still winter? Does it mean, spring is going to come soon?? ^ ^
*to hear spring, make me happy though have to say “see u” to the snow.. imagine the colorful flowers, and sakura~~~*

I’ve checked for the couple of days ahead, the temperature wont be minus ^ ^ but just let wait n see : )

Have a good day~~

7 thoughts on “Bye bye minus

  1. haha.. pdhl gua pengen ngerasain salju lo.. lu malah udah anti ama dingin😛
    btw, di kantor juga dingin nih, mana jakarta ujan2 mulu, ac-nya gak dikecilin..brrrr..

  2. oitsss…jangan salah… hohoh sayah pecinta salju looooo, that’s why i can’t say i hate winter…i just hate freezing weather hahaha😛 but if it’s snowing, then it’s ok hihihi

  3. g juga pengen banget ngerasain winter, cuma kata bokap winter itu ga asik, kalo yg idung na ga tahan dingin bisa mimisan, trus kulit kering pecah2 perih gitu kudu rajin ber lotion, dan bibir juga kering, mata juga kering tenggorokan juga kering.

    yang mo ditanyain, bener ga sih! kalo winter itu ke begono ? wakakakaka…

    secara bokap waktu itu winter di jipun😀

  4. hoho..betul sekaleee…
    1 hal yang daku demen dari winter -> SALJU hiihihi…wondering winter tanpa salju…tersiksa dee😀

    yang pasti perlu waktu lebih buat berlotion2 di badan, muka, bibir, tangan (yang biasanya males).. trus kalo idung si daku ga ampe mimisan..tapi kalo luka sering hahaa…tiba2 bedarah (bukan mimisan loo) karena saking keringna mungkin pas kucek2 idung, yang di dalem kegores kali ya hihi…
    tapi kalo salju turun, semuanya terlupakan de hihi

  5. haha oh my god..

    I don like the winter season .. –;
    so I like the south east asia weather: )
    there is just one season !!

    hmm.. sometimes.. there are some indistinct differect things..
    juat.. rainy season or dry season,
    more hot or less hot, and warm haha

    u know?? some of people wear paits of boots, and a fur jacket in order to being more sophisticated person.

    actually.. even people have got experiece which is 4 seasons we don like waring coat in south east asia : ) !!

    especially south asia people are very sensitive even a little bit different temperature .. they say that so cold !!!!!!!!!!!

    it’s funny to know different culture : )

  6. @ angelina
    good to hear that u enjoy the weather there : ) cos some people can’t stand with hot weather ^^
    Yups, it’s interesting to know others culture ^^

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