Breakfast preparation

As i wrote before, I used to have only bottle of milk (or sometimes not even one kk) for my breakfast.
But there’s a reason behind it. Let’s see, I used to be in the lab around 9am (yeah around, u know what it means la hihi). And after that, read some news here n there. Then start my day. Around 11.50 then I’ll have lunch.
See, it’s only around 2hours before lunch.

BUT, at least for these 3 days I should have my breakfast. Hix, this what i don’t like from having pills from the doc. Cos I only can take the pill after meal, which means I should have a real MEAL 3 times a day.

Actually at nite, if i have my course, then i use to have 1 bottle of milk, sometimes with bread or samgakKimbab (or onigiri in japanese). That’s enough. (unless there’s unpredictable chicken party or samgyeopsal hihi).
But for these 3 days, at nite i’ll have bigger bread then should prepare for the next day’s breakfast :  ( . Cos if i don’t have meal before taking pills, that pills my hurt my stomach : (. So, these day i’ll have (big) bread and bottle of milk for my breakfast ^ ^ *dangerous… after this pain recovered, i think i should do more exercise hihii*

Well, today’s condition n progress:
– (more than) 3.2 ^ ^ with one milk n 1.5 coffee..
– taking 3 pain-killer n 1 pill (dunno the name)
– though the pain is still there, at least i feel not as painful as yest ^ ^ *thnx G*
– I still walk to lab ^ ^

I figured out that going to bed is a hard task : ( cos i used to sit down in front of my notebook (for couple of minutes-or hours xixi) before going bed. So when i stood up from the seat, i felt pain, then sat down in my bed and lay down.
When i tried to lie down, that’s a hard task, cos i’ll use strength from my back to lie my upper body, then straighten my leg. Then the journey to find comfortable sleep position is begun kkkk.

See…now i become someone who pay attention on simple movement that i did before sleep ^ ^
Hmmm wondering, why this pain killer effect not as strong as i imagined kkkk. (or…..molla..)
*soon gonna be 2 weeks, and after that it’s going to be better!!!! (i wish hihi)*

well, time to get ready to sleep ^ ^


2 thoughts on “Breakfast preparation

  1. hihi martha how a u ?

    i didn’t go to thailand.. becos.. there are some problem..
    so.. it’s dangerous..

    so.. we decided to go next time : )

    and.. i read ur diary…

    u know..? It’s very dangerous to take the pill after drinking a bottle of milk .. –;

    I think a bottle of milk should disturb the pill to digest in which there a some ingredient..
    I don’t know the exact name of the ingredient..

    u can ask friends of yours who is studying part of chemistry..

    keep this direction in mind : )

  2. @ angelina
    Too bad : ( but i think that’s better for ur safety too~~

    a bout the milk..yeah i heard bout that, so i usually have milk first then bread..then the pill couple of minutes (at least 30mnts) after ^ ^
    Thank u~~

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