Just stopped over friend’s facebook and found this video again (actually our friend already sent it to milist).
N suddenly wanna post it here, dont wanna lose this link : )

We are 022.
This is how we call our batch, which means we entered the Software Laboratory in 2002, 2nd batch (even semester). Till the end of the training day, there were 23 of us. But only 22 of us accepted to be assistant of Software Laboratory in Bi*us or used to be called Blue*ack All Star ^^

We shared the moments, shared the spirit, shared the weakness all together. At first there were more than 23 people of course, but only 23 great people who can survived ^ ^ (u did well Mel : ) ) and (too-bad) one person quit in the middle of the contract (dunno the reason)

The training program was not easy. It was absolutely hard. It made us lack of sleep, feel so down, wanna runaway, feel so useless, feel so stupid. But i thing that’s the important part, the part where how we could survive during all the hardship, the part that we chose not to give up though we wanted to do that.

One of the reason that made me stayed till the end was FRIEND!
Some members had to fight with sleepiness on the way back to home, some members had to take public transportation to go back home very late, some members had to spend some of their time to help other members to solve the assignment. I believe each of us must have our own memories about it.
Just couldn’t believe if they weren’t there. We helped each other, there were times when we shared the room, used the computer in turn ^ ^, while others were sleeping, another woke up to finish the never-finish assignment. Another day, we gathered to do group assignments, share the methods how to solve the assignment, even share our feeling.
It’s unforgettable memory to be with you all..

Though everybody faced though times in training, but I’m proud with one member.
Cos most of us are from computer science background, which means (in normal condition) we might have more basics in programming compared with others from not-computer-thing-majors. In training, we had to deal with so many programming languages. Not only to know bout those stuff, but also had to be able to explain bout that. And we learned that in a very short time.
For comparison, the materials that given to student for 1 semester, had to cover it in 2 or 3 days training time plus some advance materials.

In her case, she had computer accounting background. And I saw how big was her struggle during the training. Gee, even for us, it was not easy to deal with those programming languages. But to see her spirit n efforts, it made me to look back to my self again.
I proud of her effort n spirit.

It’s not only in training time that we face so many hardships, but also after being an assistant, it wasn’t an easy thing. TPA (test peningkatan asist*ant) was one of the scariest thing for me. I wish i could exchange TPA with some additional teaching tasks~~ There was a time when everybody passed the test, and only me failed (dzziig). I think I was in my lowest point when i was an assistant. Yeah..the consequence for being not smart enough ^^. But finally I passed that test on the 2nd test.

We shared hard times, happy times, even “crazy” times together. Usually we had hang-out together on our-day (one date on Feb).

Thank’s to our CN for being our leader. Thank’s to FJ who made this wonderful video.
Thnx to everyone for sharing with me n giving me unforgettable memories.

Now, everyone has their own progress of life, some members got married yet. The latest update one of the member got his 2nd son (congrats). Some members are working, some members are continuing their study. Though we have our own life now, for me 022 is always be part of me.

Our motto : Keep smiling ^ ^


No matter how hard it is, keep smiling. Cos u might never know how ur simple smile might change other people’s day šŸ™‚

Dedicated to 022.


6 thoughts on “022

  1. muach muach2 buat tataaaaaa & tung cing yang dah minjemin kasurrrr 1 bulan lebihhhhhhhhh………

    huffffff.. .think back againnnnnnn…. huff, training jaman dulu kejam……….
    more than 12 hours a day! musti di laporkan ke Departement tenaga kerja.. * as if they care *

    skrg, merekaaaaaa training nya 9 to 5…. sigh!
    but, we are muchhhh2 better then them!
    *Menghibur diri… LOL*

  2. huah Tata.. yeah remember those gloomy days..
    But recalling back, it’s kinda funny memory, aite?
    Thanks for the help those days.. inget Tata yang strict suruh tetep ngerjain, padahal dah ngantuk2.. jadinya satu kasur giliran tidurnya ya.. tapi akhirnya semuanya tepar di satu kasur, kaya jemur ikan teri.. lol..
    ah, it”s been 6 years back story.. šŸ™‚

  3. @ ci pit
    hohoo kalo daku dahulu tau ci pit karena minta ttd kali ya hihihi

    @ zet
    muach2 jugaa..eh tc da married da tau kaaan ?
    haha tul tul..we’re much better!! kapan reunian..pada terpencar begeneee

    @ ci wil
    yups..it’s funny and unforgettable ^^
    hahah bobonya badan di kasur, kaki di korsi hihii… gelo 6 taon ga kerasaaa y

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