Quick update..

It’s been 4 days since the last post. Well, the pain is still there, it was much better on Sun, but started to get worse again on Mon.
I still continue to drink lot of water, more than 2.2 for sure : ) but today, i took a car to lab ^ ^ cos i was too late to walk,n it’s lucky i got the last car, otherwise i might walk.

Why don’t go to the doc?
[I was suggested to go to orthopedic (정형외과) near my campus]

Yup, i went there. BUT… (let me tell the story)
On Fri, i asked my friend’s help to call the doctor (in here, they will call hospital instead of doctor) to make a reservation for the next day. Why did i ask for his help? Cos it’s korean hospital (n i still have no confidence -_-). But unluckily, they said the reservation only for on-the-day reservation. (thnx to my friend)
But stupid me, I forgot to ask till what time they’re going to open?

So I tried to collect all confidences that I had and called there (just to ask till what time they’re open) Fyuhh… And they said 6.30pm (i’m sure it’s 여섯시반!). So i ask for my friend’s help to accompany me, cos she has an experience to go to Korean dentist. It’s just quite scary to go there alone.

Saturday, the day!. We went there around 3.30, cos she had a meeting and i was so sleepy after having the pain-killer (just knew that pain-killer might cause sleepiness : ( no wonder i was terribly sleepy in lab after had that), so i was overslept, till she called me. And time to go..

When we arrived there around 4.15, with not-so-good Korean language, we tried to explain our purpose to come. BUT..

“U can’t check that today. Today the working hour only till 4PM”

WHAT?!?! then i explained bout my the-day-before conversation, then she said for weekdays it’s till 6.30, but for saturday it’s till 4.
Errrr…errr… couldn’t say anything .. and may be it’s my fault too (may be it’s my pronunciation on the phone that not clear, or the person already said but i didn’t get that -_- *language probs*)

So we went to our own next plan. She had an appointment and me too. Thnk to her for accompanying me~~

I went to HongDae to watch BBoys non-verbal dance performance titled “Ballerina who love BBoys” (비보이를 사랑한 발레리나) and it was awesome. They combined the street-dance (break dance, locking n popping) with the ballet. It was great : ) *thnx to schuli for the free ticket*
locking -> dance like a robot, popping -> dance like Jackson *CMIIW*

Back to the pain..

Since sunday i decided to try to wear corset to support my back, and i think (specially on sunday) it helped a lot. Just wondering, why on Mon n today it’s getting worse again..
Current assumption :
There must be something wrong with my standing or sitting position. So i should fix it (but how?? let’s try tmrw ^^) Tmrw i’ll try not to use the back support n let’s see~~
Looks like i’m getting better to deal with this pain xixixi


*if everything’s ok (which means not getting worse) then i’ll go to the doc this sat*


5 thoughts on “Quick update..

  1. @ ci pit
    ho oh…maaci..tepatnya sakit di non-majority-english-speaking-country hihihii

    @ ci wil
    Yes mam ^ ^
    sabtu ajah..kebetulan ada temen koreah yang bisa temenin hehe
    Betulll sekaliiii keren…
    *argh jadi inget.. belon sempet upload videona*

    @ equinox
    넵넵 ^^ 잘 될 거야..이번 토요일에 꼭 병원에 가야 돼요.
    병원에 가기 후에 안아프고 다시 스노보드 탈거야 ㅋㅋㅋ

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