When it’s all white

Jan 17 2009

Woke up so early in the morning (around 5am) and quickly went to meet my friend. Cos today, the 10th resolution will be achieved ^ ^.

When i arrived there i was stunned with the view. Gee~~ i love snow, and now i’m here, when everything is white *speechless* it was so beautiful. I was so excited.

I went to ski resort. It’s called Konjiam Resort (곤지암 리조트) in Gyeongi-do (경기도) so it’s not too far from seoul (compared with others resort -in gangwondo). Lucky me, i went there with my friend’s group, and they took care of everything like the bus rent, clothes rent and ski/board rent. I just had to pay some amount of money, and that’s all.

Not only the preparations, but i was so lucky cos there were some friends of her that taught me how to snowboard. Thnx to them.

grouppicAt first we stopped in clothes n shoes rental shop, took the jacket and trousers, plus pad to protect our self when we fall down. Not long after that we arrived in Konjiam. Then took a group pic *click*

When i entered the resort *wow* It was wow.
So we took the lift to the starting point, and since i went with the group, i just followed them (which at last i realized we took the intermediate route : ( -instead of the beginner- ).
After checked back the slope information, I just knew that i took Jetta2 which continued with whistle.*ckckck*(click here for detail slope length and lift rate)

First time i took the lift, i was so amazed with the view from the top. It was my first time in my life i saw the tree covered with the snow *beautiful* and snow that much. It took almost an hour for me to go down : ( though i fell down many times, but i was soo exciting.

Falling down was not a prob for me, but to get up was a big problem (even till the end i still couldn’t get up easily..gotta be better next time). But overall, it was awesome.

Then we took lunch and continued to go up again. And this time, i didn’t want to loose a chance to record the view ^ ^.

and to see other players played so smooth, it amazed me. (video in here)

Too bad time was so fast, and i was quite tired too (cos of getting up), surely next time i should do better ^ ^

when i put this pic in avatar, some friends poped me with message..
Friend : “Hua who’s the one next to you?”
Me : “errrr, I wish it’s my prince hahha. Unfortunately i’m hugging the board!”

More pic in here.

Thnx G for this wonderful experience. Still can’t believe that i was there : )
Unforgettable memories : ) *love the snow!*


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