Got shot on Val Day

Happy Valentine Day everybody~~

Happy bday to my bro^^
Happy 1 year for me. I arrived here on val’s day ^ ^ *time flies~~*
also happy 2 years for this blog (just realized it’s been 2 years since my first post)

hohoho so many greetings

back to the topic!

So who’s got shot on val day? ;;)
of course it’s ME!

Well, it’s unbelievable too.  That it’s gonna be on val day.
And when i was asked, i had no choice but to say “Yes”

The next question is… who did that?
Unfortunately, it’s the doctor who did that *hahahaa*

So this morning i went to hospital (orthopedic – 정형외과) with my friend. *thnx to her, can’t imagine if she didn’t accompany me. huff..what a language..* When she saw the hospital, she was surprised, cos there was word “요양” (read : yoyang), which literally means “medical treatment”. But the meaning behind that is, usually 요양 is the place for old people who has a problem with their health, so they usually come to the 요양 routinely.
Haiyaaa….then i looked around, i was surrounded with grandmas n grandpas. Only me the only young people there. What a shame on me -.- Suddenly felt so old xixixi

The first phase was meet the doc, did this n that to check whether it’s hurt or not. And of course it was hurt on bowing : (. The next phase, they took 3 pics of cute me, front view, side view and closer view of my bone =.= . After couple of minutes, we met the doc again. Then he explained bout my back bone and the bone around pelvis.

Fortunately, there was nothing wrong with the bone *thnx G*. At least no prob in the joints. BUT (yeah there’s always but), the pic showed my bone is lil bit left-skewed (front view), and not too C-shape (side view). So there might be something wrong with the muscle (or something like that).
And the good news is… it’s not bcos of the snowboarding looooo *hepi hepi hahaha*, but (arrghh again the but) it might be accumulation of long-term condition =.= (may be something like wrong seat position or walking or dunno) .And the next phase is i should take one-week physiotherapy (every treatment around 1 hour) : (

And the name of this problem is Lumbago.(kedengeran keren, tapi kalo diterjemahin jadi sakit pinggal / encok senggal pinggang.. d’oh ga banget deee penyakit orang tua banget : ( . Setelah punya plus di mata -instead of minus-, eh sekarang encok… nenek2 banget seee )

[before I continue, keep on mind, that it’s not as serious as u might thing. Cos usually when I (as indonesian) heard hospital (instead of doctor), treatment, physiotherapy … what splash on my mind is something scary n serious. But trust me, it’s not that serious ^ ^]

So i went to the 3rd floor, still with my friend. And that full-of-senior-citizens-floor was so crowded. And again, (i think) i was the youngest patient there. The first treatment was i lied down on the bed, and they put something hot in my back waist for around 15minutes (felt good ^^). And the next one, i turned back *ouch* and they put 4 electric-things and start to feel trrr trrr 자릿자릿 tingling like that for around 15minutes…*arrgh can’t find the word to describe that*. The nurse said, since it’s the first time, so the electricity won’t be strong, the next will be stronger *haiyaaaa today was quite strong loo* . And after that they put (something like) ointment and i felt better.
[err but why do i feel pain again now errr errr… cnuttt cnuttt]

Today’s cost is 69,700, yeah expensive.. cos of the x-ray itself already 45,000 the rest are doctor, injection, physiotherapy, this n that.
Plus 8,700 for the medicine. Arrrggghhh again i have to take pills 3 times a day. But i’ve made sure, it won’t make me sleepy ^ ^, but had to eat it after meals : ( .

And after the physiotherapy treatment i went to Nepal restaurant for lunch with my friends (nyummy), then walking around Dongdaemun Market.

So from monday, I’ll go to hospital to get the treatment (again, it’s not serious as it sounds : P, i still can walk, run n do everything normally  xixixi) Arrgg i hate the shot in my buttock : ( it feels lil bit pain now…cnut cnut cnut xixi)
Err but i still don’t tell my parents, cos i’m worry that they might be so worry. Yeah imagine when parents hear their cute lil daughter has to go to hospital every day for a week to get a treatment… Hooooo sounds scary, doesn’t it?

Should i give up the plan to have snowboard again next week.huff…. yesterday my friend just asked me to have snowboarding next week… arrrgghhh want to go~~~

Thnx a lot to 언니 (read onni) to help me today in the hospital.. 얼마나 고마운지 몰라~~


6 thoughts on “Got shot on Val Day

  1. Ci mbe lagi kena sakit ya … ??? wah kasian ci mbe udah jauh dari orang tua … kena sakit pula. Semangat ci mbe … jangan kalah sama sakit, semoga cepet sembuh 😀

  2. @ pitshu
    pringles ga salah loooo *masi bela pringi hahaha*

    @ all
    hohoh makasi doanya yaaa…
    besok pengen bolos, tapi demi bisa nge-board lagi hahaha… besok tanya dok ah, weekend da bole nge-board lom hihi (doaken semoga bole:P, kalo dok bilang ga, ya sut de mo bilang ap : ( )

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