And that’s the sound of???

Injection ㅜㅜ

Today i got the 2nd injection. New thing added to my routinity in these past 3days (and also for the next xx days).  I was told that the hospital will be full in the morning, so on Monday i decided to go there in the evening before the korean course. So i went out at 4pm from the lab, then had the physical therapy (arrghh why that word sounds scary : ( ) .

On tuesday, cos i had to pick up the new student in the airport, so i went to the hospital in the morning (finally i can wake up earlier ^ ^). And realized to come in the morning was better than evening. So today (n for the next) I’ll go there in the morning before lab : )

So the treatment is :

First, they will put “hot pillow” on the bed to warm up my back , and turned on the “heating red-lamp” to warm up the front part. Then I lay down.

Second, it not only hot pillow and the lamp, then they turned on the “massaging mattress” where i laid on. It’s kinda bed that has (kind of) stone, and it felt like being massaged when u lay on that mattress, the “stone” will “hit” you in all over ur body : ) and it felt good : ) especially when it hit my back n my waist. So, while the “massaging mattress” was working the pillow and the lamp also did their job ^ ^.

machineAfter 15 minutes, the mattress stop hitting me , and now the third part was another machine’s turn. Those 4 “hands” were put in my back.. and for 15 minutes, i felt trrr trrr trrrr… *dunno how to say that kkkk*
(i only can see 90-120Hz and 100 for the modulation, but don’t understand the meaning ^ ^)

Finally after the machine took its part, the last one was the nurse put the ointment on my back. And after 1 minute, I went back.

All of those steps took around 30 minutes..

Yeah that’s what i did during these 3 days. But there was additional for today, cos after the therapy i was asked to meet the doc. Cos i still feel the pain, the therapy will go on too (or should i say i’m fine so no more therapy xixixi, but in the other hand i want to fully recover ^ ^ – dun wanna be a greandma in this age la-). And he added one more therapy (but i forgot the name) that will start from tomorrow : (. After see the doc, then i got injection *cussss*. Then went to the pharmacy to get the medicine (again : ( i hate taking pills ).

The doc gave me 3 pills :
1. Orphenadrine,wiki says :

“Orphenadrine is most often used against pain and muscle spasm of various aetiologies including lumbago, sciatica, and injury”

2. Itopride (or Ganaton), wiki says :

“Itopride is indicated for the treatment of functional dyspepsia and other gastrointestinal conditions”

3. Stofen, (or Talniflumate or Talumat) *i don’t know why it has so many names : ( *
one of  the web says :

For  various diseases, including rheumarthritis, osteoarthritis, ischiadynia, amenorrhea pain, posttraumatic pain, inflammation and pain after surgical operation, endosynovitis, sprain, adnexal inflammation, pharyngitis, otitis, and sinusitis

This pill looks so powerful huh : p, wish it works as it’s described : )

Yeah..that’s what i did in this 3 days, dunno how will be the new therapy that doc added.

The good thing is I didn’t feel scare to go to hospital, nor worry :D, cos the physical therapists were so kind to me : ). So everytime i came to the 3rd floor, they welcomed me warmly and just in 2 days, feel like they knew my name hahaha… *yeah foreigner’s name sounds unique* , especially i’m the youngest patient among the grandmas n grandpas (not a good comparison huh).
While i was waiting for the mattress or the machine work on me, the therapists came to talk with me, so i didn’t feel boring. Thnx a lot to them. But still I don’t want to spend my days there laaa.

A ya..i already give up the plan to go for boarding this weekend kkk n finally told my friend that i can’t go : (, cos that’s the doc said. So i have no choice but to obey.
“Yeah it’s not ur time ta.. the ski resort can wait till next year. So if u’re fully recovered, then u can take that again as many times as u want : P “, that’s what i said to myself~~ and i’ll wait for that time : D

Well, at least i feel better than before (especially last week). Dunno whether it’s because of the pills or not. But at least i feel better : ) i can walk without any ouch ^ ^. I can wear trousers n socks faster kkk at least not as long as last week ^ ^. So it’s going better~~

And another thing, i can count it as the answered wish… Cos i wished to be able to wake up early (at least before 8 : p) and now it comes true, thought with this un-expectable way. (let’s see it from the good point : P).
So i can collect many stars this month ^ ^ (i mark star for the day that i woke up earlier than 8 ^-^). And let see what will i give to myself if i can get many stars… Hmmm may be samgyeopsal?? xixixi.

Time to sleep now..
(err..i’ll try to sleep on the floor tonite..wish i can sleep well xixix)



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