After the hexapus..

Yeah call it hexapus (wish it wont be octopus :p). It was on Thursday. What i knew that the doc will add one new method. And yes it was, on Thursday, the massaging machine that used to be 4 hands, it became 6 hands.
And not only that, the massage also got stronger than before. So it felt like being pinched, hit, pulled, pricked. And it was not like before, the same power in 4 hands, but now it was combined, left side only, right side, then bottom then upper part. Usually i still can move when the massaging machine was working on me, but not for this one : ( . But i felt better using this hexapus hoho

On Friday. I thought it’s gonna be the same. But today i got the 4 hands massaging machine, and the therapist told me, u still have 1 more therapy, right? “Yup” cos i thought 1 more is the saturday’s therapy. But she said no….
1. the pillow and the massaging mattress
2. the massaging machine
3. and still one more, also today no ointment.  (she moved her hand up n down like holding the pencil)
“what kind of therapy that left?” I asked her. And she just said, you’ll see it when u do it.. *hmm curious*

After the massaging machine, i was the 4th in the queue. Again, surrounded with grandmas around me : ( . What i heard from their discussion, the therapy that i’m going to do called 전자침 (read jeonJaChim). When i heard that, i thought i understand that. Cos i know the word 전자 (read : JeonJa) which means electronic.
I used to use 전자사전 (read JeonJa SaJeon, which means electronic dictionary). And 침 (read chim) that i understood as bed. From the word 침대 (read : chimDae, which means Bed).

After i tried to understand that word, so i was thinking, it will be another massaging mattress. And finally my turn came. Got into the room no.5 and 1 therapist already wait there. Then the therapist asked me to sleep on my stomach (read tengkurep).. Then he started his work.

It felt like he put something on my back.. may be gel. Then it felt that like he pricked and it was quite hurt. But not only that, there was another massaging machine. But this now, quite different : ( This one was stronger : ( *ouch*
After the therapy, the therapist said, this is called electro…. (something that i couldn’t hear well) then i make sure the korean name, and he said 전자침 (JeonJaChim). On my way back i was so curious bout that Chim… then i found out.. Chim is needle *glek*. So 전자침 is electronic acupunture~~. Lucky i didn’t know what’s that before I took the therapy, otherwise I might have no courage to do that. I might stress before doing that…
Yeah sometime unknown is a blessed 😀

img_4952I felt much better on Saturday, but still lil bit hurt, so i kept going. I had the same therapy, include the 전자침. And this day i almost cry : ( cos the 2-hand massaging machine (let’s call it bi-pus xixixi) was so hurt hix hix.. the therapist did the 전자침 together with the bi-pus and it was hurt hix hix…i really wish that was my last therapy (especially with 전자침 or Electro Acuscope !)


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