Miss my bed

Yups it’s already one month since i noted my lower back pain (or lumbago or encok rrr). And it’s been a week for the therapy. And today, I feel so much better! I can bent my body..without pain *huray* also i can wear the socks, jeans normally again ^ ^  Also when i walk..no more pain ^ ^
* happy happy ^^ *

It’s just if i sit for a long time (around 1 hour),I  start to feel uncomfortable..

what’s the relation? bed and lumbago?
Well, i tried to sleep on the floor for 3 days hihihii. Lucky it’s winter, so i can turn on the heater which makes the floor warm. So i put a thin blanket then sleep without the pillow. But i still bring my bolster.  Dunno whether that works or not, but at least now I feel better and miss my bed ^ ^*thnx G*  So finally i could sleep back on my bed yesterday.. Ow how i love my bed : )

Wish tmrw is the last visit to the hospital (read : doctor)  ^ ^
Time to take a rest now~~~


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