The giants~

Nowadays the korean-speaking group meeting is getting more often. Which make me more stressful cos sometime i couldn’t get the whole meaning, which made my senior had to repeat what he said in english.
I dun like become other’s burden : (

Well if i have a group meeting, then it means, i involved in a project then. Means a new giant waits there..

Another thing is, next month the new semester will be started. And I’ve registered for 2 course classes, internship and lab rotation (plus the thesis work). Well in my thought the internship n lab rot gonna be quite tough, cos i’ll work with other people. But i have no choice but to take it in the next semester so on my last semester i could focus on my thesis (scary to think bout it)

The class works also looks tough. I registered for the Graphic Computer n animation, and Intro to HCI. And i think that might make me stay up late quite often, coding, surveying paper, reading… G, even to imagine it sounds hard šŸ˜

Also, finally i decided to take a 1 month break for the night korean class *so hard to decide it :(* But i promise my self, i’ll join again on april! I have to! i can’t lose this class cos it’s important for me, it helps me a lot.
So in case i’m too enjoying my break time during next month and getting lazy to continue the course. This post will remind me!

Well, there’s another reason why i decided to take the 1month break.. I think it’s just my thought, but i do really feel have to do it. During these (almost) 2 weeks, i went to the hospital in the morning (i start to get tired of it : | but have to finish it!). Which means, i always came late to lab, it’s around 10.45AM or 11AM. Just wait for the next 30 minutes, then it’s lunch time already. What a short time to do something.
Plus, as usual, i always teng-go (go back precisely when the working hour finishs), so (almost) everyday (except there’s no class at nite) i’ll go from lab at 6PM (while others still there to finish their things).
Means, i spent so little time in lab during this month : | and i felt so bad bout that. Well, i’ve tried to print some papers so i can read it while i’m waiting in the 3rd floor, or while i’m waiting for the machine works on me ^ ^. But still it doesn’t feel good : (

In another good point of view, this therapy is one of my answered wish : ) i’ve collected 11 stars in my diary ^ ^ Yippi 11 early-wake-up-in-the-morning-days. So (i wish) i can get use with this habit.

So, next month I gotta do my best! Moreover, my senior said the project have to be started soon, and my part is CODING šŸ˜ (quite scary with this, but i’ll do my best. Wish i could finish the hard-to-understand-korean programming book. many giants wait me. But I’ll gonna face it! And i’ll do my best to beat those giants!

3rd semester..i’m gonna started it well! though i might not be good in the middle or end, no one knows, at least i’ll try my best to start it!

Here are my giants~

  • Project, though i still have no idea how will it be. I gotta read more and try more!
    Class courses, I’ll face u! Wish i could get (at least) A-
  • Internship, though i still dunno what will it be, my senior helped me to find it. I’ll do it seriously
  • Lab Rotation, we’ve promised to make a seminar from the paper survey bout the intelligent agent (gee i don’t even know bout it xixixi, but i’ll try) and I’ll do my best.
  • Last but not least… this therapy! 3 more to go~~~ it’s gonna be over soon : )

Worry ? yeah, i must be lie if i say i don’t worry bout those things. But may i believe He will guide me well. There might be hard times in the middle, but let those periods helped me to realize that i’m nothing, i can’t do it alone..

So dear giants, u might be big and come in a group.
But I’m not gonna grumbling, nor runaway. I’m gonna face u with Him^ ^

Hardships come not to make me runaway,
but it come to make me realize that I can’t do it all by myself
it come to make me realize that i should depend on Him more.


Step-by-step the giants will be gone~~


4 thoughts on “The giants~

  1. according to the quote : “dengan iman sebesar biji sesawi engkau dapat memindahkan gunung”.

    ini bukan gunung lho ta!

    semangat!! ^^

  2. @ jambinese
    hoho thnx to ^ ^

    @ wenny
    mari kita siap2 batu buat nimpuk giants…
    lah lah..kok ketularan ampe sama sakitna… tapi denger2 di sono ada ahli pijet kan hihihi *lirik lirik*

    @ pucca
    Sepppp… siap laksanakan hihihi..step by step~~
    maaci ci šŸ™‚

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