Nope, it’s not the octopus mode that used to come before ^ ^

Last week i posted about the hexapus and unfortunately my wish doesn’t come true, i didn’t even imagine there will be the 8-hands~

r-img_5005[Any idea of this picture ? ]

Today when i registered to have the physical therapy (PT), the staff said
Her : “Before you had the 전자침 (Electronic Acupuncture) right?”
Me : “yes”
Her : “Today, there will be no EA”
Me : “다행이다” i suddenly said that word ^^.. i was so relieve i’m free from the EA ^ ^

So as usual, i went to the 3rd floor, and the therapists welcomed me warmly. And lucky me, there were not many people this day.

As usual, the nurse put the warm pillow and i lay down, then the massaging bed took it’s job. Not long then the therapist came, and there was additional “hands”.
2 “hands” on my left knee, 2 “hands” on my right knee, 2 “hands” on my shoulder. Then the electrical came…trrrt trrrt… for couple of minutes. He explanained that the hip, knee and ankle are the joints that support our body. So gotta make it relax.

bip…bip…bip… which means it was finished. The next one is the normal 4 “hands” on my back. trrrtt…trrrt…trrrtt…  after around 15 or 20 minutes (i guess) bip..bip..bip..  (the machine)
So since the staff said no EA, i thought it was over. But then another machine came~~~ and that’s the octopus 😐 4 “hands” on my shoulder, 4 “hands” on my back n lower back. And they gave me electric shock in turn.. it felt like the octopus dances on my back : | left, right, up, down.. even the machine (like) produced the sound.. so another trrrt trrrt for around 15or 20  minutes

Fyuh..feel like so many electrical things got into me (setrum englishnya apa yak…). After another bip..bip.. I thought it was already finished…


There was still another… So i went to another room, then lay down again..r-img_5006and there were things to cover my leg, and waist. So i wore that.

Then 4 pipes connected into the holes in my new “boots”  and “belt”
[Yeah, this is the continuation pic from the pic above]

And then the machine pumped the air to be distributed to its pipes. And it means, the belt and the boot blowed, then press my leg and waist. Here it comes the air-pressuse massage. It felt good ^ ^ much much much much better then the EA ^ ^
The air was distributed variously, sometime distributed to all in the same time, or one by one from leg to waist (and vice-versa). So i was thinking to buy 1.. then send it home.. but it’s quite expensive. (but i wish i could)

So after (may be) more than 30 minutes feel like floating ^ ^ finally that’s the end of the therapy for this day. Yey 1 more to go~~~ (if there’s no change)

I wish i could go to the hospital tomorrow, cos i should go to immigration in the morning, otherwise i might be an illegal person hihihi. i should extend my visa. Wish it wont take a long time, so i still have time to go to hospital. Otherwise, i’ll go on saturday.

Well, if there’s no change, then that will be my last treatment.. Yes!!, but lil bit sad. It doesn’t mean that i want to stay there longer, no way! ^ ^ i don’t like to go to hospital. I just feel sad cos i couldn’t meet the people that helped me so much during this treatment. 아쉽다~
I do praise the people that work on the 3rd floor. They welcome the patient warmly. When i saw the way they treat the old patient, i was touched. The therapist (김 선생님) that took care of me, she is so kind. And also the nurses, and other therapists.
I never imagine that i might go to hospital in here. At first i thought it’s gonna be scary, boring, and hard to do the treatments. But lucky i could meet those people who always welcome the patient with smile, and warmly.
Thank you. 얼마나 고마운지 몰라용~~



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