Well, this time it’s not about me ^ ^ .. Just want to write a bit bout the trend in here.

Nowadays, the F4 (boys before flower – the korean version of the Hana Yori Dango or Meteor Garden) syndrome spreads everywhere, i even just watched the socks with F4 character on it..G~
Well anyway, i like the drama ^ ^ so far it’s still interesting. It’s funny and worth to be watched (imho^^) and it’s another good method to learn the language :p. *listening practice*

Another syndrome is the Gee syndrome. It’s one of the song from SNSD (Girls Generation – 소녀시대). At first when i listened it, i didn’t get the meaning of Gee, cos i thought that’s a korean word. But by the time I realized, G.. that’s the “Gee” sounds. Well in my opinion, the song is good n cheerful n cute to be seen (the dance). No wonder they won the MusicBank (kind of korean music chart) 7 times in a row.

And the thing that i wanna share is there’s one girl from States that sings this song in her version, and it’s good. *i like her version* And nowadays she becomes so popular in here, may be because she’s quite unique. For me, I do praise foreigners who can speak (or sing) other languages, since i know how hard it is to learn this language : |.

Well, if u wanna know, just take a look on the video..

And not only that, from the news it said that she will perform in ” Star King” (one of the singing contest in korea).*curious*

Gee gee gee gee baby baby baby ~~


3 thoughts on “Gee~~

  1. @ equinox
    huaa… looks like she’s enjoying her time in here.. did u post from myeongdong? from cafe?
    And i think it’s quite easy to recognize her in the middle of the crowd ^^

    @ angelia
    yups ^ ^ n i like her version 🙂

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